NICE TO MEET YOU – Davey Wavey

Welcome Davey Wavey! Born on July 12th, is part of the Cancer zodiac gang, mostly characterized by their empathetic nature and truly optimistic vibes.

We cannot say otherwise. His aura shines bright and his smiles are winning, not to mention the spark in his eyes when he is speaking about the life as a producer of gay porn for (bi)men and everyone who feels attracted to it – Which obstacles he had to overcome and what he is enjoying most when shooting and being on set. Thanks for sharing your “rules of three” with us. 🙂 


Led by intuition (another classic character of the Zodiac Cancers), he moved from Youtube videos to his own website in 2017 – sensing what the world was needing and filling that gap in the world of porn far away from stereotypes and body ideals inviting authenticity, connection and vulnerability to his videos. Authentic and joyful. Chapeau! We cannot wait to further connect with you Davey, and continue this path/mantra of mindful exploration together with you.

Go to #NTMY to find more Videos like this and feel free to follow Davey on Instagram.

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The past ten months have forced all of us to adjust our social lives. We have swapped bar nights for drinks on Zoom, loud parties for online yoga courses, and romantic dinners for video dates. For many of us, transporting our physical interactions – and, specifically, dating – online is, perhaps, the most difficult adjustment.
Among the many bizarre social effects of the COVID pandemic is the new anxiety surrounding dating and sex. For singles, the new social ethic, shaped by recommendations to limit our social contacts and dissuasions against all unnecessary meet-ups, has not been easy to navigate.
You don’t need to read the stars to realize the world around is changing at unprecedented speed. Astrologically, 2020 was a tumultuous year (who would’ve thought), but the good news is 2021 will bring with it smooth, new winds for our collective sails.
Blowjobs are a common thing, some would even say they’re essential to foreplay. But even though they’re so widely spoken about, why are our thoughts about them still so controversial? Just because you’re the one doing it, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it too.