Morning Sex? Morning mood or morning moves

Is there truly any other better way of being woken up than having that special somebody slowly caress you and whisper tender and passionate words in your ear? It is common knowledge that sex uplifts your mood, and what could be better than starting off your day with a morning sex sesh or orgasm? But there are also a few things to keep in mind when it comes to morning sex.


So, morning sex huh? I was planning on asking my friends at lunch about it, not one second passed after the words morning sex slipped my lips and the majority of reactions around the lunch table went from an excited “my favorite”, a courageous “the best time” to a more mellow “the classic”. Easy to say, that it seems to be a common consensus that the morning is a much appreciated time of day to enjoy a little bit of fun in between the sheets with your partner. But let’s delve a little deeper into the actual reality and the fantasy of morning sex. First of all, it is of my personal opinion that morning sex can vary greatly, whether it be with a stranger you picked up the night before at a trendy bar, or with a partner you’ve been intimate with a bunch of times. Surely, sex is sex, but in the morning there are a few things to keep in mind which can affect how you’ll act and how it’ll happen.

It all depends on how your partner wakes you or how you will be waking your partner up, the mood will be totally dependent on the vibe the one initiating gives. Morning sex can be soft, slow and passionate; but can also be raw, hard and animal. Both can be wonderful! And both can really help bring you closer!

If you are a morning person, then you might be more inclined to do the initiating, but on the other hand, morning sex might be exactly what you need to help ease the first hour of waking up and making it all the less difficult and the more pleasant – just the right dose of excitement to get you through your pre coffee blues.

In my experience, there’s just the one little hiccup: “to brush or not to brush – that is the question”? In other words, what do you do about that elephant in the room? The morning breath situation that unfortunately affects pretty much everyone out there – the thing that both partners are aware of but most of the time do not address. If you happen to be the one who wakes up earlier and is horny, then you’ve got an edge: you can quickly rush to the bathroom and brush your teeth, or give that bottle of Listerine a quick gargle – then you can go back to bed and turn on your partner pretending you woke up like this. This way, you might just feel that little bit more confident to turn your partner on, especially if they are still dead asleep at that point. Obviously this is only an aesthetical and superficial issue which usually will not affect the quality of your sexy time.

Another option could be to only engage in positions where your mouths aren’t too close, thus avoiding such positions as missionary for example. If you practice doggy style or any spoon position, then you’re guaranteed to avoid this situation completely and you might also get your partner more at ease too, if you managed that undercover quick mouthwash mission run beforehand.

That being said, there is a big something about being au naturel with your partner. You can also easily ditch all of this and let the person laying beside you see and taste (in all senses) the real you, the you they might not get see otherwise: it can be such a massive turn on to just be oneself and to see the other for what they truly are without any of the huff and puff usually put into place. Also, you don’t necessarily have to kiss during morning sex – it can actually make that eye contact all the more intense if you do not.

Whatever works best and makes you feel most at ease will be the best way to go about it and enjoy your best possible experience of morning sex. All in all, a morning quickie or a long sexy moment with your partner is usually an ideal way to commence your day with the exact right amount of passion. You can also really get to know your partner better and more intimately this way as you will come to find out what turns them on and how to best cope with their morning mood – the do’s and don’ts will become more obvious and you’ll slowly feel more at ease and wake up feeling more and more sexy. Some people say that the way you start your new year will determine how the rest of the year will go… Well how about applying this to how you start your morning? Squeeze in a little morning sex, and the rest of the day should run that much more smoothly!


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