Sex-oscope Aquarius 2023

Every month we ask an astrologer to create a Sex-oscope for the star sign of the current month. The stars can tell us a lot -How is the astrological constellation of the month affecting the star signs sex life? What kind of partners are suitable? Which are less likely?



Hooking up with an Aquarius is an activity that won’t easily be forgotten. It’ll probably be one of the most exciting mind opening encounters of your life. The reason being is that Aquarius doesn’t play by the rules —they make up their own as they go which can lead to an immense amount of sexual arousal and stimulation in unexpected ways.

Aquarius And Zeus

Aquarius is a fixed air sign, with roots in the obscure and unique —which is why they make great lovers because they aren’t afraid to experiment. The mythology surrounding the zodiac sign is a cup-bearer who stood up to Zeus and demanded that he use his energy to help the community instead of one person. The rebellious nature of the cup-bearer impressed Zeus, who then made him immortal.This story speaks to the sexual nature of Aquarius. Since the water-bearer opts to leave the job of working for Zeus to help others, it’s safe to say that they preferto be a part of the community. It denotes Aquarius’s desire to be amongst friends or company when feeling sexual. Thus, their passion for communal events like sex parties to get their flow going.

Their Preferences

It’s not that every Aquarius likes to physically partake in orgies, but most do like to watch people getting busy. Due to their creative and aloof nature, they are voyeurs. Watching themselves, partners, or strangers have sexual experiences turns them on. They do like watching and making videos —so they’ll suggest turning up the heat by making their own graphic movie. They may even have porn on in the background to keep the energy going. When it comes to pleasure, nothing turns them on more than watching their partner be fulfilled. If this means involving a third party (or more) and masturbation, they’ll enjoy having the opportunity to be on the other end of the bed massaging their own body parts while being stimulated through their visual senses. Never one to shy away from experimenting, Aquarius is open to exploring positions and anything fun under the sun. Being one of the kinkiest signs means that they do have a list of turn-ons, but they are down to try anything once —as long as they activate their safe word and know the parameters of the encounter beforehand.
Sex toys are never frowned upon in bed. In fact, they are part of the experience. Expect your Aquarius boo to have all the latest gadgets ranging from butt plugs to dildos that will make anyone squirt.

Their Favorite Positions

Aquarius rules the calves, ankles, and legs. Therefore, they will enjoy tender kisses and tickles that radiate those parts of the body. The water-bearer likes to be loved from head-to-toe, which means that they will like wheelbarrow and pretzel dip positions with some ankle biting. In the wheelbarrow position, the receiving partner positions themselves as in doggy style, the penetrating partner lifts the person in front so that he/she can penetrate the partner from behind. In the pretzel dipposition, the receiving partner lies on their side and the penetrating partner kneels between the lying partner’s legs and lifts theirtop leg to penetrate. Both positions are favorites among Aquarians because at least one leg is up in the air and can be used to stimulate.

The Month Ahead

The Sun enters Aquarius on January 20, marking a month of innovation and originality —especially when it comes to our sexual inclination. The following day, the new moon in Aquarius occurs, urging us to try out different positions. Uranus, the planetary ruler of Aquarius, turns direct on January 22 in Taurus, ending the retrograde journey that began on August 24, allowing us to embrace our carnal desires. Venus enters Pisces on January 26, blending fantasy with reality —making it an ideal time to try out role-playing with your crush/partner. Friends can become lovers now, which is why you should keep your eyes open and lean into the heavy flirtation. Just don’t get too heady about it. The Leo full moon on February 5 heightens our passions and pushes us to make our needs met first in bed. Mercury’s ingress info Aquarius on February 11 gives us the chance to plan for an ultra seductive Valentine’s Day complete with whips, chains, and thigh high pleather high heeled boots.


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