CHEEX’s Top 15 Erotic Movies

Inclusive, diverse, and exciting – we would like to introduce you to CHEEX’s top 15 erotic movies to fire up your senses.


Like a kid in a candy shop, when it comes to picking an erotic movie, the choose can be vast and a little overwhelming. What might tickle your tastebuds one day can have the opposite effect the next.

So whether you’re into sensual touch, intense impact play, group orgies, or documentary style real-life encounters, we’ve got you covered. 

Dip into our top 15 erotic movies below to see what goodies are in store for you.

©Erika Lust “Female Pleasure Circle”

Showing an array of body shapes and perspectives about sexuality, Female Pleasure Circle provides a beautiful depiction of shared sensuality between 6 women. Part documentary, part erotica, the movie starts with body painting before leading into group masturbation and ending with an orgy. Intertwined with interviews, these personal narratives about pleasure will leave you feeling inspired, and excited all at the same time.

©Poppy Sanchez “Electrify Me”

Filmed during a late night commute on a train, before moving to a bath filled with glitter and glow sticks, Electrify Me follows two women’s journey of shared intense pleasure. By combining erotic public escapades with passionate oral sex, we are taken down a cheeky path of exploring sensuality and liberated sexuality. Known for her playful yet visceral creations, director Poppy Sanchez heightens the mood with close up shots and sensitive angles. Be sure to check out her films Girls Night In and Tease Cake.

©Feuerzeugfilms “2 Or 3 Things I Like About Him”

This film is a tender and creative depiction of male orientated erotica. Shot from both the POVs of the performers, and an outside perspective, we are welcomed into an intimate space of playful lovemaking. Working with an inclusive cast of sexualities, genders, and ethnicities, 2 or 3 Things I Like About Him stands out for it’s sensitive perspective of sex between male-identifying people.

©Blue Artichoke Films “Skin.Like.Sun”

Real love in real time, Skin.Like.Sun is a beautiful portrayal of sensuality and intimate touch. Through the delicate and personal account of a young couple, this homestyle movie captures wandering hands, skin to skin tactility, and gentle kisses in the afternoon sunlight. There’s a sense of peace in this erotic movie, stripping away pretense and sitting in the authentic affection of this real life couple.

With religious themes and kinky reinterpretations of purity and sin, devotion and subjagation, Supplicant is a dark and delicious erotic journey. Bringing BDSM, role play and threesomes together to create a magically sinful mix, Supplicant is a top favourtie from this independent pornorgraphic cinema.

Known for her feminist approach to creating pornography, The Intern is Erika Lust’s first full-length feature film. For those wanting a more fleshed out storyline, this is for you. The storyline is based around the sexual discovery of a young American Woman while working as an intern for Erika Lust’s production company in Barcelona. It’s sweet, accepting, fun and a joy to watch.

©Noel Alejandro Films “After Cherries”

This erotic movie draws us into a hallucinogenic world of eroticism. Built around the narrative of two men After Cherries plays with escaping reality and letting pleasure take over the mind. As a production company, Noel Alejandro Films specialise in gay erotic videos, treating pornography as a sensual and intensifying experience to watch and learn from.

©Lust Garden “Hide & Seek”

This outdoor escapade shows the subtle power dynamic between two women as they play an erotic game of Hide & Seek in the woodlands. Bringing impact play into the mix, this movie will appeal to those with a kinky BDSM side. Expect bratty sub/Dom vibes in a fun and friendly environment.

©Erika Lust “Pregnancy Sex”

Pregnancy Sex is a homage to the pregnant body, this intimate portrait celebrates the changes pregnancy can cause to sexuality. Part documentary, part erotica, we hear Tiffany (7 months pregnant) and her partner share their views on the portrayal of pregnant women and sex. This is followed by a tender and passionate love making session between them. This film is reinventing the narrative of pregnancy, echoing Tiffany’s view that “the beauty and sexuality of pregnant women isn’t represented anywhere.” Sink into this film and let new erotic ideas wash through your mind.

This (super) short erotic movie is a one-shot wonder capturing a sensual moment between a couple. Filmed in black and white, the narrative is driven by fiery Dom/sub vibes showing a man kiss, caress, and excite a woman from behind. It’s intimate, sensual, tempting, and teasing all at the same time. Available to watch for free on vimeo, this little film will grip you with its authenticity.

©Hardwerk “The Bridge Gang”

The Bridge Gang subverts the usual tropes attached to group sex (MMMMF), and provides a non-comfortative approach to the idea of multiple partners. With an underlying tone of female empowerment, this film is full of intense moments of pleasure, moving between fantasy and exhibitionism.

©Joybear Pictures “Not All About The Cock”

If you’re looking for friendly erotic movies then Not All About The Cock is a happy place to be. This erotic movie introduces the joy of oral sex by placing the attention on the woman. Filmed in a kitchen, in full view of the windows, this erotic scene is full of exciting voyeuristic fantasies.

©Lust Garden “Mirror”

Mirror is an authentic and realistic depiction of solo sex, soaked in a cloak of self-love. Within the comfort and safety of a bedroom, we see performer, Cruel Valentine, lead us down a sensual path of self touch before entering a pleasure zone of her own.

© Vespéral Productions “Honey”

If you’re looking for something purely sensual and all about the ladies then this is for you. A short, art house film showing two women dripping in honey. Describing itself as a travelling intimate skin landscape, this erotic movie is all about engaging with the senses. If you’re into food play, this is a great source to get inspired by.

© Blue Artichoke “Silver Shoes”

Silver Shoes is a three part story that introduces fresh ideas around gendered norms by exploring dress, appearance, and the fluidity of our sexual desires. Cross-dressing and power play leads us through an intimate and surprising storyline as three narratives intertwine. This film offers an encouraging and gentle insight into the art of stepping between your female and male energy in the bedroom.

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