The Art of the 69 Position: How to Perform Its Many Variations

Let’s talk about all the great ways to enjoy simultaneous oral sex with a partner, whether you’re a penis-owner or vulva-owner.



Lie down with your partner, one person on their back and the other face-down on top. Position yourselves so that your faces are near each other’s genitals, allowing both partners to give and receive oral pleasure simultaneously.

Side by Side

Similar to the classic position, but with a slight rotation: both of you lie on your sides, facing each other’s genitals.


CAUTION: This one is for the bold! While one partner stands, the other partner crosses their legs behind their partner’s head, hanging upside-down and facing their partner’s genitalia. The standing partner wraps their arms securely around the hanging partner’s waist to provide support while also performing oral.

Keep in mind that this requires strength and concentration.


Not only can you have a blast using your mouth or hands, but you can also explore other erogenous zones, such as the anus. That’s where things like tongue (when rimming) or fingers come into play. And, hey, don’t forget about a bit of spanking, grabbing or butt massage to stimulate nerve endings and amp up the excitement!

Toys like anal plugs, or dildos can be inserted during, before, or after oral satisfaction. Vibrators can be used to help by stroking along erogenous zones.

For an extra kick, consider using toys like anal plugs or dildos before, after, or during oral. Vibrators can also add to the fun by hitting other sweet spots. Enjoy!


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