How To: 69

This position is a great oral variation. Both partners satisfy each other orally at the same time. Suitable for both penis and vulva-owners.



In its most common configuration, one person lies on their back while the other is positioned on top of them, stomach to stomach. Both have their partner’s genitals  at face level so that they can pleasure each other with their mouths.

Side by Side

In this variation, instead of having one person lie on their back, both lie on their sides facing each other, again so that their faces are level with each other’s genitals.


Requiring some strength and concentration, the standing 69 is an advanced position and should be performed cautiously

One person crosses their legs behind their partner’s head, as to have their head upside down, facing their partner’s genitalia. The one standing wraps their arms around the hanging person’s waist to hold them safe, while also performing oral.


The 69 position is not only great to stimulate each other’s genitals with your mouth or hands, but also allows easy access to the anus. The anus can be stimulated with the tongue (called rimming) or fingers. In addition, spanking, grabbing, or massaging the buttocks can increase the intensity, as it is full of nerve endings.

Toys like anal plugs, or dildos can be inserted during, before, or after oral satisfaction. Vibrators can be used to help by stroking along erogenous zones.


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