Sex-oscope Aries 2023

You want to know what your sex life has in store for you in 2023? Get ready Aries!


Passionate and Romantic Aries

The sign of Aries is synonymous with themes of action and determination. They don’t wait – they initiate. Ruled by the hot and firey planet Mars, they act on instinct with confidence and ambition. Aries as a sign signifies the self. This should not be equated to selfishness, but rather a deep knowing of who they are. The resulting trust they have in themselves tends to create a close relationship with their bodies, which often leads to having confident sex lives.

Aries people are intense lovers with high sex drives thanks to their hungry planetary ruler. Because they are unafraid to explore new things, they are playful partners who will always keep things exciting and interesting. Passionate and romantic, an encounter with an Aries is always an unforgettable experience.

Aries season marks the spring equinox, the time of the year when the daylight is equal to nighttime. This increase in light after long winter months brings a boost of energy to everyone, but especially for Aries. This includes an increased desire for sexual encounters, alone or with others. While there will be plenty of opportunities for hot and exciting flings, the planetary alignments will also encourage you to enjoy cozying up at home to share emotional intimacy. Feelings of comfort and safety can deepen your physical connection by dissolving insecurities. This season, getting emotionally naked might just be the key to good sex.


Your Aries Sex-Oscope

Aries season begins late on the night of the 20th and is followed by the Aries New Moon the next day. These lunations are all about planting seeds for manifestation, so consider prioritizing your pleasure in a solo session to set intentions for sexual satisfaction. You may also want to consider pursuing partners with Sagittarius, Leo, and Scorpio placements as they will be the ones who can keep up with your own high levels of passion. Soon after the lunar event, the Moon conjoins Jupiter to help you expand upon your ideas of what pleasure looks like for you.

After seven months in the sign of Gemini, your ruler Mars enters the watery and connective sign of Cancer on the 25th. This brings a major vibe shift in the ways you pursue sensual experiences. You’ll be seeking partners who you can share hot moments with while curled up on the couch to “watch” movies. This transit won’t bring commitment if you’re not looking for it, but it can help you find extra comfort in a friends with benefits type of connection.
If there’s a reason to clear the air or to express your needs, the 28th is a great day to bring it up while Mercury connects to Jupiter in your sign. As the Moon gets cozy with Mars and then blows a kiss to Venus the next day, your sex drive increases and could lead to some passionate makeup sex.
The 30th of the month may have you wanting extra freedom. Maybe you’re not ready to get exclusive, stay exclusive, or you just want to express yourself more fully. No matter what’s holding you back, today is auspicious for laying down your boundaries. After you’ve expressed your truth, the stars suggest that you’re back on the right path.

The Full Moon in Libra on the 5th of April is by far the sexiest day of Aries season. Not only is it ruled by Venus and occurring in the part of your chart that highlights your one-on-one relationships, the ruler of this lunation is approaching a sweet connection to dreamy Neptune. This is the perfect opportunity to plan a hot date night. Roleplaying and other imaginative sexual activities could be extra satisfying. 
If you’re not looking to share this moment with anyone but yourself, explore some new fantasies on your own. Whatever you do, you’ll be feeling these vibes over the next couple of days.
When Venus enters Gemini on the 10th it’s time to get curious, seek out new experiences, and diversify your sexual interests. The planet of connection and beauty makes an easy aspect to Pluto, and the Aries Sun will conjoin Jupiter. This combination of cosmic energy will help you stand fully empowered in whatever new adventures you find yourself on.
The 14th could bring some tension to your relationships, so remember to be firm in your boundaries while finding ways to smooth things out.
The cosmos is quiet for the last several days of Aries season, giving you the space to reflect over the last month. As the Moon travels through the realms of the subconscious and then back into your sign, you’ll start Taurus season feeling renewed and confident.



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