Aries: Sex Horoscope 2023

You want to know what your sex life has in store for you in 2023? Get ready Aries!


Passionate and Romantic Aries

As the fiery sign of action and determination, you don’t wait—you initiate. Governed by the sizzling and spirited planet Mars, you act instinctively, with confidence and ambition. The Aries sign represents deep self-knowledge and self-assurance. The trust you have in yourself creates a close relationship with your body, which can often foster a rich sex life.

Your ruling planet’s influence on your appetites means that you are an intense lover with a high sex drive. Unafraid to explore new things, you are a playful partner who will always keep things exciting and interesting. An encounter with a passionate and romantic Aries is always an unforgettable experience.

Aries season dawns with the spring equinox, the time of the year when the daytime and nighttime are equal once again. Increased daylight will boost everyone’s energy, especially yours, Aries. Also expect an increased desire for sexual encounters, both solo and partnered. While there will be plenty of opportunities for hot and exciting flings, the planetary alignments will also encourage you to enjoy cosying up at home to share emotional intimacy. Feelings of comfort and safety can dissolve insecurities and deepen your physical connection. In this season, the key to good sex might just be emotional nakedness.

Your Aries Sex-Oscope

Aries season begins late on the night of March 20th and is followed by the Aries New Moon the next day. These celestial events are all about planting seeds for manifestation. Consider a solo session in which you prioritize your pleasure and set intentions for sexual satisfaction. For those seeking partners, people with Sagittarius, Leo and Scorpio placements are poised to keep up with your high levels of passion. Soon after the New Moon, the conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter will help you expand your explorations of pleasure.

On March 25th, after seven months in airy Gemini, Mars enters the watery Cancer. This brings a major vibe shift to the ways you pursue sensual experiences. You’ll seek partners who you can share hot moments with while curled up on the couch to “watch” movies. This phase doesn’t necessarily spell commitment, but it can help you find extra comfort in a friends-with-benefits connection.

The 28th will be a great time to clear the air or express your needs, as Mercury connects to Jupiter in your sign. Once the Moon gets cosy with Mars and blows a kiss to Venus the very next day, your increased libido could lead to some passionate makeup sex.

A yearning for freedom may hit you on the 30th. You may have concerns about exclusivity, whether denying it or accepting it. Whatever the reason, expressing your truth today will align you with the cosmic currents, setting you on the right path.

The sexiest day of the Aries season is by far the Full Moon in Libra on the 5th of April. This lunation is ruled by Venus and approaches a connection with dreamy Neptune, so it’s the perfect time to plan a hot date night with a close connection. Whether shared or solo, indulge in imaginative sexual pursuits, such as roleplaying or fantasizing, which will be especially satisfying. Whatever you do, you’ll be feeling the deep sensuality over the next couple of days.

With Venus entering Gemini on the 10th, it’s time to get curious. Seek out new experiences and diversify your sexual interests, empowered by the planet of connection trining with Pluto and the Sun in conjunction with Jupiter. This concoction of cosmic energy will help you take an empowered stand in your new adventure.

Tensions may arise in relationships on the 14th, so stand firm in your boundaries as you navigate a smooth resolution.

The waning days of Aries season offer a cosmic respite in which you can reflect on the last month’s journeys. As the Moon travels through the subconscious and then back into your sign, you will be able to welcome Taurus season with your trademark self-assurance.


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