Sex Horoscope 2022: The Year Of Big Dreams!

Welcome 2022, dear Lovers! This year promises positive change, but not in the ways we might expect.


Time for Freedom and Permissiveness?

In 2022, many can expect positive changes, as Jupiter moves into its domicile Pisces, bringing a breath of fresh air to the astroworld. We can all agree that 2021 was no walk in the park, a fact already revealed by the stars, though after 2020, no one wanted to believe it. Understandably so. Remember the sense of freedom and ease during the summer of 2021? Jupiter was already visiting Pisces then, and that’s no coincidence. That said, 2022 has even more in store. Does that hint at good fortune for your bedtime adventures? 😉 That‘s entirely up to you, but a glance at the (sexy) stars can inspire new erotic avenues and types of play.

The time between February and April is particularly sizzling, with Venus and Mars travelling in tandem across the starry sky. This alignment stimulates, in particular, the interplay of passion and attraction. But the rest of the year invites us to try new kinks, fun activities and cosy playdates.

The horoscopes are meant to inspire your pleasure, both solo and partnered. If you know your ascendant, feel free to read the corresponding horoscope. And lovers of certain zodiac signs are sure to find ideas and food for thought for the time between the sheets.

What's my sign?

The Signs: FIRE

ARIES Like a bull at the gate, they can be tamed with enough attention.
LEO Has a big heart and loves a big show, even in bed.
SAGITTARIUS Wants to kiss you on a different continent.

The Signs: EARTH

TAURUS Master of enduring cuddles—makes it hard to leave the bed.
VIRGO Points out spelling mistakes to flirt.
CAPRICORN CEO of your sex dreams, but a sub in bed.

The Signs: AIR

GEMINI Will pick you up in four languages.
LIBRA Invites you to disappear between designer sheets.
AQUARIUS Shares useless knowledge to flirt.

The Signs: WATER

CANCER Gathers gifts before even knowing your birthday.
SCORPIO Sees right through you and makes you feel it.
PISCES Dreamt about you before you met.

Aries: 21.3 - 19.4

"Full Attention Withouth Shame."

You’re like a bull at the gate, and when it comes to sex, you‘re definitely on the passionate side. But being passionate doesn‘t mean you can‘t be picky. Aries loves attention (We hope we‘re not giving away any secrets here), so why not pamper yourself or let others pamper you? Allow yourself full attention, without shame.

Jupiter promises as much when it devotes itself to all Aries-born from May to November and leaves a few cosmic gifts, not returning until 2023. What’s the lesson here? As much as you enjoy receiving attention, try devoting yourself selflessly to someone else. Sometimes expressing the opposite of our natural disposition turns us on. Otherwise, a good ol’ head massage can serve as a sexy introduction for Aries. Sounds simple enough. Aries love it! Things don’t always have to be so complicated.

Taurus: 20.4 - 20.5

"Once you get going, there's often no turning back."
Gentle touches, long foreplay, a touch of routine—Taurus may not be the most adventurous sign, but that doesn‘t mean they lack passion. Taurus, once you get going, there‘s no turning back. Astrologically, 2022 brings fresh inspiration. As Mars and Venus travel in tandem through Taurus from February to April, it presents a nice opportunity to navigate the tension between ideas and reality.You may find it hard to talk about your needs (beyond cosiness and a filled belly). Why not start right there? Discussing or exploring fantasies you consider outlandish—though a Scorpio would be unfazed—can bring a new sense of playfulness into your desires. Discussing needs starts with yourself and will extend to any partner(s) you may have. Nothing is obligatory, dear Taurus. But what does matter? You can’t be forced to do anything anyway.

Gemini: 21.5 - 21.6

"What is routine, what feels familiar?"
You’ve got endless ideas, so what else is there to tell you? Now that we have your attention, there‘s a career opportunity or two winking at you in 2022. Success, as we all know, can be a kind of aphrodisiac. The sky’s the limit!As for your “lust life,” the tandem of Mars and Venus in the spring promises to create sexy sparks for you. It‘s an excellent time to finally start that tantric massage training you‘ve been flirting with (knowing that you don‘t have to commit). As Mars retrogrades in your sign towards the end of the year, you may find yourself running out of sexual enthusiasm (or feeling a bit out of shape).But don’t worry, enjoy the time and explore your passion from a new perspective. Ask yourself, “What is routine? What feels familiar?” Take a short time-out, and dive inside yourself. Afterwards, you can speed through life once again.

Cancer: 22.6 - 22.7

"Throw yourself into the waves of your feelings."

Cancerians are naturally caring people, sometimes to the point of losing themselves. Sound familiar? Good, pay attention. Don’t judge yourself for your mood swings; instead, throw yourself into the waves of your feelings. Then you don‘t have to cloak your self-worth with excessive self-sacrifice (a trait you share with Pisces).

As a water sign, you represent the wide expanse of human emotion. No one knows how to spread nest warmth quite like you. Doesn‘t sound so sexy? How cliché! It all depends on who flutters into your nest. Hopefully, they appreciate nipple play, both giving and receiving. Otherwise, 2022 could be the year you devote yourself to new ideas. Always wanted to read about Ayurvedic cooking? Well, the time is now. Who knows, you might discover recipes for inspiring and delicious dishes. Enjoy it!

Leo: 23.7 - 22.8

"All you have to do is listen."

As the most regal sign of the zodiac, Leos know exactly how to bask in the spotlight. Your trademark colour is a shocking red, and that level of glamour can be a bit intimidating. Despite all your pride and charm, you Leos also crave intimacy and eroticism. A Leo is easily tamed with a massage to the back or chest (with consent, of course).

In 2022, anticipate new sexual experiences; Jupiter in Pisces predicts your sexuality could reach new heights. Astrology says that Jupiter only gives us what we are prepared to receive. In other words, the hot sex won‘t come fluttering to you, but the inspiration for new playdates certainly will. All you have to do is listen. By the way, May to November is a good time for a long-distance trip, pandemic permitting.

Virgo: 23.8 - 22.9

"Why not get up early and look up at the sky?"
Life could be perfect if it weren‘t for… well, other people, right? In 2022, Jupiter entering Pisces will soften your perfectionism a bit, affecting the part of your chart that deals with your relationships romantic and interpersonal. You usually want to help by cleaning out the fridge (even if it‘s not your own) or making snarky comments about your friends‘ dating messes.In March—on 03.03 specifically—things could start sizzling for you when Mars and Venus both align with Pluto in Capricorn. Why not get up early and gaze at the sky? Venus will be visible as a morning star. But be careful, the March sizzle might shake you up and profoundly shift your understanding of eroticism. If you feel like changing your job, try to learn a new skill. This could be the perfect chance to finally start that herbal education course you‘ve been wanting to do for so long.

Libra: 23.9 - 23.10

"Your charm will be undiminished in 2022."

It looks like the world will be opening up a bit more in 2022, and it‘s certainly good news for social butterflies like yourself, huh, Libra? You can finally mingle with people face-to-face again rather than just dressing up for a Zoom call. You know how to make a good impression (and maybe break a few hearts in the process) in well-styled clothes. Your aesthetic sensibilities are unmatched, and no one is as easily seduced by pretty candles and a thoughtfully curated playlist.

Your charm will remain undiminished in 2022, but we advise you to begin the year rather cautiously. Although new relationships feel good, they might not last until March, when Venus moves out of retrograde and becomes a morning star. But until then, all flirtation is welcome.

Once Jupiter enters Aries from May to November, there could be new developments in your relationship life. Whether it’s a grand love affair (if that’s your thing), a beautifully planned wedding, or perhaps a well-maintained crush – the choice is yours. Regardless, the stars are throwing you opportunities to look good.

Scorpio: 24.10 - 21.11

"Emotional work isn't always sexy."

How deep is your love, dear Scorpio? Quite deep, as we know; the phrase “still waters run deep“ probably originated from your corner. With the Moon‘s nodes on the Taurus-Scorpio axis, 2022 will be an exciting journey for you, allowing you to shed some ego baggage. Mind you, this emotional work won’t always be so sexy. That’s why Jupiter in Pisces brings you ample time for playfulness at the beginning of the year and from October onwards. Whether that means fueling hot flirtations or discovering newfound passion in your existing relationship(s), embracing lightness will do you good.

Keep in mind that your emotions will be especially ploughed by the solar and lunar eclipses. Pay attention to the period around May 16, as a full moon eclipse will take place in your sign. A lunar eclipse is essentially a super-strong full moon—whether you transform into an angry werewolf or use your tarot set for roleplay is entirely up to you. In any case, the invitation for profound change has been extended.

Sagittarius: 22.11 - 21.12

"You get a little more breathing space."

How do you captivate a Sagittarius? With anything far away, anything that requires conquering, or anything new and exciting. Embracing novelty is a daily reality for Sagittarians, and you don‘t have a yearly horoscope to affirm that. Between February and April, Mars and Venus—the planets of passion and attraction—sizzle violently. It‘s an energy you can tap into.

Especially during Venus’s stay in Aquarius from March to April, it‘s worthwhile to finally start writing that collection of erotic short stories that’s been on your heart–even if it‘s just for personal use. Otherwise, the astrological weather gives you a little more room to breathe, since you‘re coming out of a phase full of changes. No matter what unfolds, no one exudes optimism like you, and no one flirts (or seduces) as charmingly as you, Sag.

A tip for those seeking to seduce a Sagittarian: Suggest a sexy playdate under the stars. It‘s always a safe bet.

Capricorn: 22.12 - 19.1

"2022 will be a good year for short trips."

Sure, Capricorns may be bossy, but what happens when life is all work and no play? The balance between what makes you “solid” and what makes you “fun” has been under renegotiation since 2021, with Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus trying to figure out how you can maintain financial stability while remaining adventurous.

The conjunction of Pluto, Mars and Venus in your sign on 03 March further intensifies the subject as your focus may turn inward. Mars and Venus will be visible just before sunrise, so why not get up early for some star gazing? Otherwise, 2022 will be a good year for short trips. Does that sound eerily specific? Well, Jupiter is touring the part of your chart that rules weekend trips. So pack your BDSM gear and treat yourself to stay in a nice countryside hotel. A bit of sauna time before some bondage play will do you good.

Aquarius: 20.1 - 18.2

"Try something that stimulates your mind."

Jupiter bid farewell to Aquarius at the end of 2021 and is now touring the part of your horoscope linked to your resources. Could there be more money fluttering your way? 2022 continues to give you impulses from two directions: “What makes you stable?” vs “How can you handle change?”

For Aquarians, “change” often means world revolution, but, perhaps this year, it will be enough to have a revolution in your bedroom. Have you thought about revolutionary role-playing games? If that‘s too much (or too clichéd), you could try something that stimulates your mind. The way to your heart isn’t through your stomach, but your intellect. Nothing turns on Aquarians more than a well-placed nerdy fact. How about watching documentaries together and having some post-viewing conversations? This style of foreplay may seem unusual to some, but it sure does light your fire.

Pisces: 19.2 - 20.3

"Yes, it's all about foot play."

A year like this is rare, dear Pisces. 2022 promises a lot and we are confident that surprises are in store. With Jupiter (the Piscean’s ruling planet) in the sign of Pisces, expect a shower of gifts. How will this impact your eroticism? Well, not all Pisces are cut from the same cloth. While some enjoy talking about their feelings during a gentle foot massage followed by passionate vanilla sex, others will want to have a sweaty sneaker pushed on their nose with a dash of verbal humiliation. These are just two examples from of the wide range of sexy ideas that allure you, you oh-so-gentle fish. (For those with Pisces partners: Yes, it‘s all about foot play.)

So while the stars mean well for Pisces, whether in your career or elsewhere, 2022 is the year to buy yourself one of those expensive rose quartz dildos.

Secret Sex Fantasy That No One Knows About

ARIES A head massage from many hands

TAURUS An all-you-can-eat buffet followed by cuddles

GEMINI Can‘t decide

CANCER The rare treat of being taken out

LEO Sex on a stage

VIRGO Tidying together

LIBRA Sex in the changing room of a designer store

SCORPIO Sexy goth cosplay

SAGITTARIUS A one-way ticket to another continent

CAPRICORN BDSM in the office

AQUARIUS Revolution, together

PISCES Holding hands in a floating tank.


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