High love – Sex and Drugs

I love sex and I love marijuana. One of the best things ever: sex whilst being high. But not every drug triggers the same high in the bedroom.


Drugs And Sex

Anyone who has ever had sex on (illegal) drugs will probably have been surprised by how it felt: the whole thing can either backfire or be an incredible experience. You usually don’t know beforehand, as drugs impact each person differently. The effect and experiences described here are therefore not general statements about their compatibility with sex – everyone must (or can) find out for themselves.

Consent is Consent

First things first: A current study comes to the conclusion that consent, the 101 of any sexual encounter, can only ever be given to a limited extent under the influence of drugs. So, if you want to experience sexual adventures whilst having taken some sort of drug, you should only do this with people you know well and with whom you may have been intimate with before. At best, where the line lies can be recognized early on and never be crossed, and misunderstandings can be avoided through good communication.

At this point, we would like to point out clearly that we do not encourage drug use in any way. The experiences and effects described here are not intended to glorify drugs, but to shed some light on them and to contribute to them being taken safely. 

Now that has been cleared up: Come and take a little trip into the sexy world of high love!

Start Small: Micro-dosing 

A relatively low-risk way of having sex under the influence of drugs is microdosing: consuming a tenth to twentieth of the intoxicating dose so that the psychoactive effect of the substance is not noticeable. 

Marijuana or LSD when consumed in small amounts in this way may lead to increased mental and physical performances, for example during exercise and work. 

This being said, every drug has its dangers: even at low doses, previously unknown allergic reactions can occur and they can be contaminated by excipients. So there is no totally safe way to take drugs as the substances remain illegal and cannot be manufactured under controlled conditions. If you want to take the risk, make sure to do so in a safe environment and by taking the smallest doses possible. Some unpredictable and unforeseen effects can always occur. 

Marijuana and Sex

My go-to drug for sex! Marijuana has a relaxing effect, increases sensitivity and lets me get into a flow during sex. This can also be scientifically proven: people interviewed in a survey said that cannabis made them more inclined to have sex and increased their libido (approx.. 60%) and gave them more intense orgasms (approx.. 65%). Women in particular can reach orgasm more easily – provided they are used to marijuana. People who do not smoke regularly also report negative effects on their sex life: fatigue, difficulty concentrating, feelings of fear and dry mucous membranes can be a really turn-off. Therefore: weed sex isn’t sexy for everyone!

One tip: Local application for example in the form of THC or CBD oil stimulates the blood circulation and can be used alone or together as a stimulating lubricant. It should be noted though that most oils should not be used with latex condoms and toys as they may damage them. 


To those who know: after a night of partying and taking lines together at home, what happens next is often a matter of luck… Although coke can greatly increase one’s sex drive and libido, many men can get erectile problems. As well as an ego boost, increased energy and euphoria, cocaine also has a numbing and analgesic effect, which can lead to a dullness effect but on the other hand can trigger some risky sexual behaviors. Sometimes, coke is also applied locally to the penis to numb it and to prevent cuming too quickly. 

From personal experience, I know that sex on coke can be exciting and above all, lasts forever: you can feel it for hours without it ever getting boring. However, women also often have problems getting wet and reaching orgasm. Apart from the fact that I would not count coke as one of my preferred sex drugs because of these effects, it is one of the most contaminated illegal substances with catastrophic social effects in the countries of origin. Same as with all other substances: sex on coke is not a must. 

MDMA & Ecstacy

You can fall in love with the whole world on a pill. MDMA, the active ingredient that triggers the warm, cozy feeling in ecstasy, is the perfect cuddle drug. While various forums tell us about great sexual experiences on MDMA, I can say from experience that I rarely feel unsexual. Even though -as mentioned earlier-, drugs work differently on different people, Karen McElrath, a professor at Fayetteville State University states to Vice: Euphoria, the need for physical closeness and feeling of connection even when it be with complete strangers, are the typical emotions of an MDMA trip. There may be a certain feeling of sensuality, but the actual need for proper sex is rather unusual. Great sex on MDMA can probably be due to other active ingredients that get into the crystals due to impurities or that are contained in an ecstasy pill. So it might be something to satisfy some of those platonic needs. 


Also known as “keta“ or “k”, this hallucinogenic narcotic is famous for its use as a horse anesthetic. From its use as a medicine, ketamine somehow made it into the clubs. Due to the feeling of being in a state of suspension or merging with the environment, it became a popular party drug. At first, I assumed that sex on keta would not be anything particularly special as it has numbing effects. But on the contrary: I had the feeling that my sensations were intensified and sex became a meditative experience that encompassed my whole body and mind to becoming one. The downside: keta can easily be overdosed. Especially when it is mixed with alcohol, it often leads one to go through horror trips and dissociative states called the “k-hole”. My positive sexual experience on keta is also quite unusual: most reports speak of a reduced sexual sensation. The analgesic effect is mainly felt during Chemsex and used for particularly painful practices with a high potential for injury. 


LSD is currently experiencing a come-back after Silicon Valley coders experimented with microdosing around 2010 and has been ever since becoming “mainstream”. In creative fields in particular, LSD microdosing is a popular way of getting new ideas. I myself have not had any experience with this psychedelic drug but I managed to find the following information about its effect on sex: 

LSD has an aphrodisiac effect, it is also known as a “love drug” and increases empathy

LSD can lead to increased attention levels and as a result, increases sensitivity

Under certain circumstances, LSD can lead to the feelings of dissolving boundaries. This can make a sexual experience feel more intimate, emotional and deep.

LSD can breakdown one’s ego which makes lovers in the act become selfless

So, if you’ve always wanted to experiment with microdosing and sex, LSD could be just the ticket . However, it is important that you feel relaxed in order not to experience any sense of fear and mange to go through the trip in a protected environment with familiar faces. 


Sex on drugs can be fun and may open up a whole new world of sexy experiences. Substances can help, especially if the passion in a relationship has died down: a new study found that the desire of couples who have sex after a long time of not doing so is event increased afterwards. A short trip can help you get going and establish a pattern of more sex  and increased libido in your relationship. Nevertheless, this should not be an everyday thing as drugs are still dangerous mind altering substances that have a high potential for addiction. Also, sober and lucid sex is actually more fulfilling and better at building an emotional bond.


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