Lovely lube – Natural alternatives to lubricants

These natural gadgets can make your love life even more fun and juicy. The best of herbal alternatives to lubricants can be read about here!

Lustful, moist and intense! That’s how sex should be. How can you make that happen? Lube is often underestimated. Girls, boys and nonbinary – it’s time to add this precious tool to your bedside table! It can help you to experience an even more intense feeling so that you can get even closer to your partner in the bedroom and make your sex so much more beautiful. This can also have such an impact on your daily life: after all, we all know that great sex increases one’s physical well-being which in turn has huge positive impacts on one’s emotional balance.

Most of the commercially available lubricants fall into one of these three categories:

  • Water-based lubricant • Silicone-based lubricant • Oil-based lubricant

Water-based lubricating gels have a nice consistency, but due to the fact they evaporate, they should be added little by little along the way. The advantage of silicone-based gels is that they don’t absorb and offer long-term lubricity. Oil-based lubricants slide, but are not recommended especially together with condoms.

Sustainable is sexy ! That’s why we’ve put together a few natural alternatives to conventional lube for you. 

Coconut oil

A little bit of magic that is now available in almost every supermarket and corner shop. Not only does it smell great, but the consistency is seductive and varied: the oil is in a solid form in its usual glass container and only becomes liquid when in contact with the skin. A stimulating massage can perfectly liquefy the oil you’re your sexy foreplay will get a dose of momentum.

One small downer: coconut oil is not ideal with condoms . You should only use it if both have been tried together and if not may have to be prevented.

Aloe vera

Aloe Vera is different: this ingredient is often only an additive in lubricants, but can also be used alone. Because it doesn’t contain oil, Aloe Vera can be used with latex and polyurethane condoms. You’re guaranteed a refreshing fragrance with this one!

Vitamin E.

For all the fans of essential oils out there, vitamin E oil is also an ideal option! Vitamin E oil is a so-called “carrier oil” – meaning that it’s one of the oils used as a base to make your own essential oil. However, this oil is not entirely safe for the use of (latex) condoms. 

Underlying allergies should checked and as soon as this issue had been clarified with the other person, we can only tell you to Enjoy a sexy time!

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