Sex-oscope Capricorn 2023

Every month we ask an astrologer to create a Sex-oscope for the star sign of the current month. The stars can tell us a lot. How is the astrological constellation of the month affecting the star signs sex life? What kind of partners are suitable? Which ones are not?


Three S's define Capricorn: steady, slow, and safe.

Triple and appetizing S… because what they set out to do, they achieve, i.e. they get to the top and take you with them. But let’s not get to the point too quickly because that’s not exactly what a determined Capricorn would do.

Despite being a masculine sign by definition their energy is feminine; it is yin, internalized, passive, inward. They keep what they think to themselves, and to get their thoughts out of them you have to pull their tongue out.

Mars, Mercury and Uranus will bring on January great dynamism to this moment of cardinal earth energy. After the deep Plutonian cleansing Capricorn have been going through for a long period, this new conjunction of planets will motivate them to create new, solid personal structures. Before taking action, they must do what they’re very good at: reflect and think things through, make a plan, and when Jupiter enters Aries it’ll be time to make decisions. Venus, in trine with Uranus, will open them to new experiences, but not with the intention of them being fleeting, but those helping to create personal structures of elevation, because despite their materialistic reputation, when a Capricorn seeks spiritual transcendence, they also want to reach the heights of enlightenment.

Love means deeds not good words…

With Saturn as their ruler, things go slowly with Capricorn because they know that things well done work great. If you are one of those who expect a quick sexual encounter, be patient because Capricorn take their time and there’s no need to rush. But if you are one of those who enjoy a night of surrender, a prolonged session of pleasure then you’re in for a long ride.

They take you to the top yes, but in a more practical way, not so much with ear candy or fantasies but with actions. They have the energy for it and if they put their minds to it they can go wherever they want to go. They are ambitious and when it comes to sex this is a priceless value, isn’t it? They have patience, constancy, strength, and the “slowness” of the earth sign. So they are like a lover in a long-distance race. That doesn’t mean that when they establish a trusting relationship they don’t step on the gas. But at cruising speed; don’t think they’ll go turbo so easily.

If you want to win Capricorns over, don’t waste their time with fantasies. They need you to show them concrete things, objectives, and goals. Show them the roadmap you will follow from the moment you start slowly unbuttoning their shirt to the details of the menu from appetizers to desserts.

They are also the ideal candidate for initiation into the practice of tantric sex, because of their perseverance and spiritual dimension. Trust them, who could have more patience and dedication to do it?

Saturn signifies structure. Thus, their erogenous zones are in relation to their bone structure, especially knees and calf. Their enduring passion is well hidden because of their mistrust and insecurity. That is why they need a partner who will invest a lot of time to bring them out of this lethargy, but they will be pleasantly rewarded with endless loyalty and sexual relations that will gradually increase.

Star Energy 2023

Let’s go into detail about the stars energy affecting Capricorns from January 2023 onwards. Attraction and magnetism are on the rise with the most powerful star for relationships. If single, Capricorn will be very desirable. But they’ll also be influenced by a very horny star which will envelop them in a halo of high sexual energy. People will find them very sexy and they’ll need to control their hormones a little. 

Love at first sight star. Increase romance. Going out and having fun, may help meeting the one. If Capricorn are already in a relationship it’ll just get better. But this star is so good that sometimes it keeps us away from people who hurt us. If they know that they are in a bad relationship, this star will give them the courage to decide on a divorce or get out of that toxic or abusive relationship. Because this star tells: “love yourself, beautiful things are going to come to you”. So that’s a reason to be grateful for that person was not the right one.

So these are the stars that tell us you are going to have good luck in love. But remember: if you want a serious relationship, go slowly because you have the influence of that horny star and you could rush and skid. But what am I telling you Capricorn? It is so unlikely that you will rush into your decisions!



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