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#Uncensoredme, Shadowban and Censorship

We are working to build a social media community for those curious about sexual stimulation and education. Unfortunately, we keep confronting hurdles in the forms of censorship, bans and shadowbans. Learn about the implications of each below.
By Cleo King 5 min read

The Uncensored Gallery

This is a completely uncensored selection of images, videos and texts that have been banned from social media.
By CHEEX 3 min read

About The Everyday Female Nipple On Instagram

Why are images of nipples considered more offensive than images of firearms? Nipples are a basic feature of human anatomy. Why is it uncomfortable for us as a society to see female nipples?
By Charlotte Büsig 5 min read

Where The Power Resides

Social Media giants such as Instagram and Facebook are elementary for many sexworkers, but it is dangerous to trust them. Performer and writer Neen Sever tells us how it feels to get banned and what we can do against censorship.
By Neen Sever 9 min read

Borderline Speech: Caught In A Free Speech Limbo?

Late in September 2020, the Facebook algorithm removed a picture of onions positioned in an “overtly sexual manner”. While the absurdity of this incident might elicit a smile, the following findings from PhD student Amélie Heldt certainly won’t.
By Amélie Heldt 10 min read