The Uncensored Gallery

This is a completely uncensored selection of images, videos and texts that have been banned from social media.

Malcolm Lovejoy

“My name is Malcolm Lovejoy, and these are just a few of the many pictures I’ve had Instagram ban from me posting! It’s so frustrating. I have more!! But this is a start.”

You can find more beautiful work from Malcom on his website 

Sex School Hub

“The internet and social media aren’t free spaces. Governments and corporations align themselves to ban conversations and bodies that don’t align with their values. Sex, sexuality and those who work around it explicitly are often seen as ‘undesirable’, bad for business, shameful. Educational efforts like ours are also part of the mix.

Shutting down conversations and censoring bodies won’t solve anything, they’ll just make the most vulnerable even more unprotected and invisible.”


Check out more uncensored tutorials and videos on sexschoolhub.com

Carel & Ria

Performer and real life couple got banned so many times


Head to their allmylinks profile to see more uploaded pleasures

Nina Sever

“These photos are all taken by me, some are self-portraits, some are pictures of other models. I’ve chosen the pictures that were on my account at the time of the ban, some were reported and removed, others I didn’t even have the courage to publish in the censored version.”


Read about Nina Sever’s personal ban in Where The Power Resides and find more work on their website


Yes, text also gets censored.


Nevernot just launched their unique soft tampons, check them out on instagram to find out more. 

Julie hb

Got censored already 5 times until her complete account got deleted. 

Check out her second IG account


“Tiring and sad”


Find more work on his IG

Katharina (derblog_diegeilste)

“One of many situations 😉”

Find more work on her blog

F**k Forward

This cover for the german sex-positive podcast needed to be censored for Instagram.

Listen to her podcast at 1Live.

Nadine Primo

This picture got banned within seconds.


Nadine is almost like family! She is a former guest on our podcast CHEEX Talks, a contributor for our magazine and a CHEEX supporter since the very beginning. 

Have a look at her work on her website

Myisha Battle

“I think the hashtag ‘buttstuff’ was the issue. 🤷🏽‍♀️ So crazy!”

Myisha Battle is a feminist sex & dating coach, find out more on her Instagram profile.

About #uncensoredme


We’d like to invite our community to share cases of biased & unfair censorship on social media. The existing guidelines are intransparent and oftentimes discriminate against certain groups of people. The vague and random enforcement of these rules pushes many contents into spaces that are anything but safe.
By participating in this campaign, you become part of a movement towards a destigmatized way of dealing with nudity & sexuality.

Use #uncensoredme to participate or to learn more about the campaign. 

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