CHEEX Talks: How Do You Boost Your Sexual Self-esteem?

We proudly present our first podcast episode in English! How is it working in the sex industry? Why do you dance without music and how does it affect your sexual self-esteem?


We invited Esluna Love, porn performer, model, and sexual creative, to talk about her work, life and about the importance of turning yourself on first. In this episode, you get to find out about practices to boost your sexual self-esteem, the perks of working with your sexuality, and an exclusive Striptease Course with Esluna on CHEEX.


CHEEX Talks is CHEEX’s own sexual wellness podcast. We talk about sexual inspiration, stimulation, and fantasies, and take a look behind the scenes of the sex industry. We meet people who are committed to a self-determined sexuality in the hopes of learning a thing or two from them.

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