EDIY is an Italian porn platform that delivers refreshing sexual imagery. The platform claims to be a deviant platform ‘collectively built by restless minds and body’. Just like CHEEX, EDIY wants to reinvent and refresh porn. Just like CHEEX, traditional norms and taboos do not satisfy EDIY anymore.

Instead, EDIY introduces investigation, sharing, and creation as a priority to the porn they create. It focuses on new pleasure, the exploration of the body, and how we share horniness amongst other things. Often, you can instantly spot an EDIY video because they frequently cast the same performers, adding another nourishing aspect to this platform. The videos are all extremely unique. Each film lives in a fantastical wonderland of pleasure. Hosted on CHEEX are videos such as ‘Horny Bikers’ which is a game of licking. ‘Solar Orgasm’ is an extremely unique self-pleasure video from EDIY. Set in a brazilian urban jungle, the performer Alo eats fruit, dripping juice down her chest. She then plays with ice around her clitoris. The filmmaking always catches the most intimate gasps, tender drips of masturbation, and every thrust and grab of penetration. EDIY shows that the future is bright for porn platforms that can break taboos by showing every type of sexuality, identity and fantasy there is, in a safe and pleasurable ways.

NICE TO MEET YOU is now a short, one-minute interview series in which we give different  terms to a variety of performers about their journey into and within the sex industry. We focus on their opinions about porn or their experiences with it and the industry. They also tell us about their hobbies and daily lives. Our aim is to paint an intimate portrait of the people and performers behind the scenes, where they talk about their current state of mind, love and life. This makes the artists more accessible, but also allows you to get to know your favourite artists better.


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