Take a Seat: Facesitting

Usually quite passive, with facesitting the oral recipient is given full control. We explain how this oral sex variant works!


Facesitting gives you full control while your partner is in charge of how they use their mouth on you. We explain how this oral sex variant works!

Facesitting is a sex position that can be practiced with all kinds of oral sex and gives the receiving party a lot of control : cunnilingus, rimming and blowjobs can feel particularly exciting combined with the right facesitting. Especially women who can easily reach orgasm with licking and want to live out their dominant side will have a fun time and feel extremely sexy.

The person giving is lying on their back while the receiver is squatting over their face with their bottom. The person on top has so much freedom of movement, can also stimulate themselves at the same time, and steer their partner towards the way that feels the best to them. When you’re up there, you can either kneel down or squat, depending on what you find more comfortable and pleasurable.

It is advisable to help support yourself with the headboard of the bed or on the mattress to keep your balance and to control how much weight is put on on the lower person: With gentle face sitting, you support yourself, with hard or full weight face sitting you let yourself go completely and entirely dominate the person bellow. 

The other options are:

Reverse Facesitting

Simply turn around and support yourself thanks to the legs of the person lying down. This variant can be easily converted into a sexy 69 position by also satisfying the other person with your tongue.

Bound Facesitting

Here you tie your partner’s hands to the bed beforehand so that they are completely yours. By letting your full weight work on them in this position, you become even more dominant. But be careful: Please agree to a safe word beforehand so that nobody suffocates.

Have fun trying this sexy stuff out!


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