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Sex Life After Pregnancy

by Marith Iedema

Before she got pregnant, sex journalist Marith Iedema described her love life as active and exciting. And – new-born or not – she was determent to keep it that way. But having good postpartum sex turned out to be easier said than done. How do you stop the passion from withering once you have a kid?

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Newest Articles

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Deep-throating is exciting, pleasurable, and fun. Deep-throating doesn't have to be uncomfortable. Learn how to do it in a way that gives both of you immense pleasure with this comprehensive guide.

Dirty texting can be a fun way to spice up your sex life. Whether it is with your partner, with someone you are intimate with, or a move to show your interest in someone.

Stigma and censorship boss around sex workers and sex (tech) companies every day, restricting how they can – and most importantly can’t - do their work. And that’s not just a problem for those who work in the industry. Shaming sex and sexuality ultimately harms every single one of us.

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