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Time to break some taboos! We answer those questions no one dares to ask, take a deep dive into sexual wellness topics and get to know our performers.

Sex-positivity serves to maintaining a healthy attitude towards sex — or lack thereof — and valuing it given your individual needs. In this article, we cover where misconceptions come from and what you can do to unleash and cultivate some of your sexpsoitive energy and what ethical porn has to do with it.
sex toys
Let me just say up front that sex toys are a lot of fucking fun, and they're supposed to be. I mean, having fun is the sole purpose of owning any “toy”, and fun is the biggest reason we all have sex (I mean… did we really need science to tell us this?) By this measure, sex toys are probably the most inherently fun objects on the planet. This alone is a fantastic reason tocelebrate their existence, and the social changes of the recent past that have made them more widely available and less stigmatized.
Is there truly any other better way of being woken up than having that special somebody slowly caress you and whisper tender and passionate words in your ear? It is common knowledge that sex uplifts your mood, and what could be better than starting off your day with a morning sex sesh or orgasm? But there are also a few things to keep in mind when it comes to morning sex.
sex and race
When it comes to sexual preferences, most people have certain characteristics that they prefer to others. But where does it stop becoming a preference and become a fetish? (Trigger warning: racism, sexualized racist violence)
“I would remember when our tongues touched I felt a current of electricity“. Yasmine Sharif weaves together the memory of the hardships of working in the sex industry while maintaining a long-distance relationship in the short steamy tale, “Tongue kissing from above - A face time fantasy”.
What does an erotic relationship with Nature look like? And how might this change the way we understand ourselves?
For the past 50 years, the month of June has been known as Pride Month, a month dedicated to the LGBTQ community. While Pride Month may have gained a reputation for being marked with parades and parties, it has a much deeper and richer past, present, and future.
Here you can find a small range, a 101 of porn terms. If something isn’t clear to you or you are unsure about something in particular, you can check it out here.
Girl on the Net could be described as the star of erotic sex blogs. Her texts are full of lust and are always explicit and very personal. We met this -arguably- most important blogger for female sexuality and interviewed her.

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