Costa Nova

Sun, beach and gentle kisses lead to an extensive anal play with cuddles and calming touches as after play.

I’m Your Queen

The practice of face sitting is also known as "Queening", and with this is a form of erotic humiliation. Here seen in its sweetest and loveable form by our favourite Banana Nomads that have been on road with their van.


Water makes me wet. The shower makes me cum. A pool makes me want to fuck. Rain excites my skin. Lube all over us makes my pussy leak... he makes me soaking!

A Friend With Benefits

A tender scene that makes you want to have sex with your best friend. Who wouldn´t want to try?

Playa Phangan

With sand in their shoes and palm trees close, Magia Rosa are in the perfect holiday spot! This summery scene on a far away beach will make you dream of a never-ending summer.

Breeze of Summer

A summer breeze and the living is easy. Andy and Suki are exploring the wild garden in their backyard and do not cease to surprise with a gentle lovemaking. Can you hear the birds?

La Costa Rica

Far away, where the ocean grows tall, two star crossed lovers find their way...to have wild sex on the balcony. Enjoy their view!

Where’s Your Head At

Karen is a holiday shagger. She's never swapped details with any of her holiday sex partners or seen them back home. On holiday she sheds the skin of everyday Karen and she feels uninhibited and comfortable to be whoever she wants to be and ask for exactly what she wants from a partner...At this festival she meets Stu and their connection is instant.

Tied To Her Phone

Sometimes Trev thought that Tik loved her phone more than him. He thought perhaps that if her phone had a cock and a dark sense of humour, then he’d have been kicked to the kerb ages ago. On a trip away, he comes up with a plan to insert himself into her inbox, literally and figuratively...

Cali Showers

It never rains in southern California…but it pours with showers of love, at least in this beautiful outdoor space, hidden from the daily hustles and bustles.

Sweet But Psycho

Four of the hottest performers on the scene create a hilarious and erotic film. The vibe between them is full of laughter and pleasure – it’s no surprise they are all so popular.

Hungry For Your Touch

Hungry For Your Touch is about the power of human connection and physical touch. A romantic, dream-like fantasy of a woman who, after going through a break-up, is longing to be touched, loved and to feel a connection with herself and the world around her.


Juicy fruits and sparkling bubbles...We love the chemistry between this dynamic trio and the tenderness of touch - it’s unlike any threesome scene you’ve ever watched before.


Hot sun, salty skin, a beautiful spanish couple clearly enjoying each other beckons me to join them.

Park Ranger & Lumberjack

Have you ever fantasised about losing your inhibitions with a rough'N ready lumberjack? This explicit short film takes a popular sexual fantasy, the axe-wielding man of the woods, and brings it to life against the backdrop of the forest.

Floating Boats

A summery breaze, a day on the water - and double upped pleasure. Love on.