Diosa Mor, formerly known as Caroline Florez, is a porn performer from Colombia. She is 29 years old and has worked in the erotic business for the past five years. We love her work a lot…


Diosa Mor is very happy with her job and has been for the past five years now. Diosa Mor first started working in the business because she and her boyfriend were in a long distance relationship, during which they often had cybersex. She enjoyed masturbating in front of a camera so much that she immediately looked for a job where she could show herself nude in front of the camera and be paid for it. After some nude modelling she also began uploading masturbation videos, which caught the attention of several ethical porn companies, including Erika Lust.

Diosa Mor has since starred in several ethical porn productions solo, both with men and women as she labels herself bi+curious. She also has her own Myvids channel where she uploads some of her videos. Diosa Mor solely works for ethical porn companies and not for mainstream porn platforms, as she does not align with them. This is also the reason why she did not watch porn before entering the field as she only had access to mainstream videos that did not seem authentic to her. Now she watches ethical porn for her own pleasure, to learn something new, or find inspiration. Something that is very important to her both when watching and performing is the intimacy between performers. She says that she can enjoy herself more when there is a clear connection between the performers she is watching.

NICE TO MEET YOU is a short interview series of around five minutes, in which we ask a wide variety of performers personal questions about their journey to and within the sex industry. We focus on their opinions about porn, or their experiences with it and the industry. They also tell us about their hobbies and daily life. We aim to draw an intimate portrait of people and performers behind the scenes sharing their current state of mind, their love, and their life. This allows performers to become more accessible, but also for you to get to know your favorite artists better.

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Diosa Mor

For the Columbian performer, intimacy and an authentic connection between actors are crucial.At now 30 years old, and her porn career aside, she defines herself as pretty ordinary. Having studied dance and folk music, she also works as a dance teacher. During her time off, she loves to spend time in nature, hiking or with her dogs, to travel, to go out with her friends, and visit her family.

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