Fresh And Clean – How To Look After Your Toys

We’ve all been there – the dry, dull and hump free lockdown has made many of us seek release in the form of inanimate objects. Wands, plugs and vibes have filled the bedside drawers, but how to keep the fun lasting?


Unlike the almost surviving cacti on your window sill, these babies require some thoughtful maintenance. Along the manufacturer’s instructions, here are some tips to keep your bedroom play high class:

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1. Check the material before purchasing

Different materials serve different purposes, so make sure to familiarise yourself with the options available before committing to a toy. One thing to keep in mind: porous materials like jelly, silicone, and crystals have surfaces that might attract microbe growth which sets some limitations to the durability of the toys, whilst non-porous materials such as glass, and steel repels any unwanted, invisible build up.

2. The great unboxing

Your new toy might look tempting and well wrapped in appealing packaging, but it doesn’t mean it is action ready. To make sure your toys are clean from storage and factory dust and other nasties, give them a thorough wash under warm, soapy water.

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3. Maintenance

It’s recommended to wash your toys before and after use, especially when they have been in contact with bodily fluids. Some brands offer toy cleaning solutions, though usually mild or antibacterial soap with warm water is sufficient to make the toys squeaky clean. For extra sanitation, most crystal wands and kegel balls can be popped in boiled, piping hot water whereas glass and steel toys can be sanitised by boiling them in water for a few minutes. Dry the toys well with a fresh towel, or let them air dry.

4. Storage

Most toys come with a storage pouch, which is a great way to keep your toys scratch and dust free. Make sure the pouch is not sealed too tightly to prevent any potential microbe growth. If you prefer to display the toys on your mantelpiece, regular dusting and washing before use is a must. 

5. From one partner to another

Using toys can bring your partner play to the next level, though many of us are unaware of the nitty gritty. If you’re using a toy with more than one lover, it’s recommended to sanitise the glass or steel toys in boiling water between partners. For jelly or silicone toys – the porous stuff – the safest way is to wrap the goods in a condom, as these materials can’t be fully disinfected. 

6. Diamonds are forever?

It’s unfortunate to part ways with beloved companion, though dildos made of silicone or jelly should be replaced regularly, as the material starts weakening after a couple years. In case of discolouration or unpleasant smells, the toys should be discarded and no longer used. Wands and plugs made of glass and steel are practically for life, as long as they are chip and scratch free and stored accordingly. 

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