The CHEEX Audio Script Writing Contest Winners

We brought three of your fantasies to life and we can promise you this: the produced audio stories will make you feel all sorts of emotions…


There are different methods to get turned on, fantasize, and explore your own lust and sexuality. Besides the classic porn-to-watch, audio erotica also manages to stimulate the senses through voices, sounds and one’s own imagination. Audio porn offers a protected space for pleasure, free from socially imposed norms and restrictions. Without any external pressure, it is a wonderful element to enjoy one’s own thoughts and fantasies independent of beauty ideals, stigmas, and stereotypes.

CHEEX believes that audio porn is an important part of sexual wellness which can help especially those who do not identify or find joy in visual erotica and are looking for a more personalised experience. Not only does it allow for more inclusivity, but it can be stimulating as well as relaxing or healing – not to mention guided meditations and soundscapes. Alone or with a partner, audio porn can be listened to anywhere and is sure to add a spark of excitement to your sex life.

CHEEX is not only for the eyes but also for the ears. But we don’t just want to make you listen, we also want to make sure we are listening to you! CHEEX is created by sex-positive people for sex-positive people and nothing is more important to us than learning about all the things that make you tick! So we wanted to give you the opportunity to share your fantasies with us in the CHEEX Audio Script Writing Contest, giving us a deep insight into your thoughts and wildest fantasies.

We would like to start by saying a big thank you to everyone who participated in the contest and for all the exciting submissions we received. It must have taken a lot of courage to open up like this. It was a lot of fun to read, but it didn’t make the decision any easier for our jury…

Our Jury

Luckily we had an amazing jury to work on the nominations.

Kali Sudhra (she/her) is a writer, performer, and activist in the adult industry who also brings expertise in dominatrix work.

In her films as well as in her work as a writer or activist, she brings empowerment and strength. She focuses on independent and liberating topics around sexuality, which she also brings to her performances.

Charis Uster (she/they)  works as a filmmaker in the sexual wellness industry, and is a writer and the audio manager at CHEEX. Through her long work experience in the adult industry, for example with Erika Lust, she has a great deal of know-how in the field of feminist porn. Since she also worked at Audible for a while, her expertise combines the worlds of audio and erotica, making her an expert in the field of audio erotica.

Our third judge is Edith Loehle (she/her), a gifted journalist and author who worked for several magazines and who was for example editor-in-chief at BLONDE and NYLON and now writes the stories of strong personalities. Stories full of emotion, enlightenment and sex education. From tabloid magazines, her focus changed to empowerment and female empowerment, which makes her a good fit for the jury. 

We thank all three of them for their time and openness in dedicating themselves to all the scripts and we are all the more pleased with the selection made, which now enlarges and enriches our audio library.

Our winners

Our judges finally agreed on three stories to turn into a professionally produced erotic story.

Kali’s decision fell on what she called a “steamy and wild” experience of two long-time friends, written from the perspective of the male character. More Than Friends, written in English, plays on the taboo of wanting to fuck one’s long-term friend and roommate. Acting it out in the end makes it all the more exciting.

The historical background as well as the characters are quickly introduced and described. Their intimate relationship and long-standing connection are thus easily imagined, making the story true to life and authentic, which I am sure many listeners can identify with.

The expressive writing style, which makes the desire of the two almost tangible, brings the listener to the hot part without much ado, which is especially important in audio stories to maintain the tension, and therefore makes this work the perfect audio script. The author “made the story very visual with the details they included” creating a close and realistic reference to his imagination, as Kali explains in her feedback.

Emi’s story is one of the German language winners. With Etwas nichtbinäre Liebe the listener gets an intimate and familiar insight into the relationship of two people, one of whom identifies as non-binary. “We need more non binary love like this in the world!”  writes Charis in her notes.

The author’s linguistic style creates an intimacy that is excellently conveyed through the sounds and voice-cues provided. The authenticity and loving interaction of the two characters give a realistic insight into what appreciative interaction should look like and what it means to see and understand the other person as he or she is. As a director, this has convinced Charis and increased her anticipation for the realization.

Last but not least, Edith also opted for a German-language script. Gute Nachbarschaft is about a female read in the lead role who, in a monologue, indulges in her own fantasy of having sex with her neighbour. An intimate moment, an idea that many listeners can identify with.

The inclusive aspect of this story was convincing. The author creates the freedom for one’s own fantasy. There is “enough room for one’s own imagination, taste or reality of life – in terms of gender, appearance, smell, movement” of the neighboring character, Edith writes. With little detail and a gift for short sentences with depth, the listener gets a “sexy impulse” with this script.

Our selection of audio is growing and has now been expanded to include 3 exciting, explicit stories. 

Do something good for yourself or together with your partner(s) and listen in and let yourself be carried away. Create your own world and get to know erotic excitement in a whole new way.


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