10 Ways You Can Incorporate Audio Erotica Into Your Sex Life

Spicing up your sex life with audio erotica can be a fun and rewarding experience. You aren’t sure how exactly to incorporate this form of erotica into your bedroom? There are so many ways to have some sexy stories bring you to intense orgasms.


Audio erotica has become increasingly popular in the last couple of years. Many find it an exciting alternative to watching porn, as their own imagination takes place and center in audio erotica. Audio porn can make you feel more in tune with your body and your sexuality. It can make you feel truly immersed. you can get involved in a story, carve out a role for yourself and make it your own. In the same way, that sight deprivation by using a blindfold heightens your senses during sex, using audio cues instead of visual ones can really bring your solo-sex or partnered sex experience to the next level. 

Yet, since this trend is so new some may be a bit unsure on how to incorporate audio erotica into their sex life…So I have listed 10 ways YOU can incorporate these sexy stories for your partnered and solo dirty time. Are you ready? 

Sexuality, sex and sexual pleasure can exist between you and others, but also just between your mind and your body. I have listed five incorporation possibilities for audio erotica for each.

Enjoy Audio Erotica By Yourself

1. Self-Pleasure Routine

Mixing up your self-pleasure routine can be super exciting. Audio erotica is the perfect in-between of your own fantasy and visual porn. While some people may not love watching porn, for whatever reason, the sexy stories still give you some guidance on how you can direct your fantasies. The variety of audio stories are huge and there are also some that speak directly to you, or some where you hear the sounds of other people getting intimate, there is something for every taste. For those who are very attracted to voices, audio porn may upgrade your sexuell-wellness because unlike visual porn, where there is little to no talking, this medium focuses solely on voices and sounds. It also pairs well with sex toys, because you only need your headphones and can position yourself in any way, both your hands and your eyes are free to explore yourself.

2. Meditation & Stress relief

Did you know that stress can increase the production of the hormone cortisol in the body, which can suppress our sex hormones, creating an overall lower libido? Tapping into your sexual self as part of your wellness routine can help determine stress factors for you and find creative ways to help you relax. 

If you ever find yourself obsessing over a situation that you cannot change or if you have troubles falling asleep, audio erotica & sexual wellness erotica could be your remedy. Whether you are in bed trying to fall asleep, at work, or on the train. Audio erotica can help you to unwind and relax. You do not have to masturbate for this to happen. The concept of a story being told that takes you out of your usual day to day life and makes your creative energy flow is relaxing and satisfying in itself. So the next time you cannot seem to find your inner zen – test out some sexy audio stories. Within the erotic audio category there are also meditative sounds and guided meditation sessions to help you on your journey towards pleasurable relaxation. It’s not just about being turned on, it’s about being tuned in.

3. Explore Kinks & Fetishizes In A Safe Way

Have you ever been interested in a particular kink or been unsure whether you have a particular fetish? Audio erotica is a great first step to exploring things you may have been shy about before. You can listen to stories where these kinks/fetishes play a role and see how you react mentally, and how your body reacts, before watching it. This way you can also find out exactly what it means to you without seeing others as acteurs. It is a very intimate and you-focused approach. This works particularly well for kinks/fetishes that have to do with a particular way of communicating. You always fantasize about being dominated? Or having a threesome with your significant other? With audio porn, you can now explore your desires from the safety of your home to help you decide if you might want to test them out in real-life. If you decide  the kinks/fetishes you have explored in audio erotica seem to be for you, you can go a step further and see if videos of these also float your boat, or take small steps to incorporate aspects of the kink/fetish into your sex life.

4. Experiencing Magical Fantasies That Cannot Happen IRL

Some more sci-fi or hentai fantasies will never be able to happen in real life. No sex with monsters or in certain magical locations. Sure, animated versions exist, or tentacle dildos, but sometimes these are not animated that well – or just don’t properly scratch that itch. Audio erotica allows you to be the main character in your fantasies and to really enter a whole new world of pleasure.

5. As Inspiration For Dirty Talking

Do you struggle with dirty talking? While we do have some tips for you here, audio erotica is also a great way to get some inspiration and improve your dirty talk skills. You can listen to the type of language used in audio erotica while seducing each other, or during foreplay. Since there are so many different types of audio erotica and paces I am sure you will find some that match your fantasies and what you would like to say to others when you are in a sexy situation. A great place to start is audio story “Fuck me with your words” by erotic audio godess Girl on The Net.

With Your Partner(s)

6. Find Out What Your Partner(s) Like And Don’t Like In A Non-pressuring Way

Communicating with your partner is key, however, it can feel challenging to talk about likes and dislikes in the bedroom. We may find it difficult to vocalize exactly what we want and what we don’t want. Listening to audio stories together and discussing them later can be a great ice breaker to start this conversation. Saying things like ‘oh that is a great idea’ or ‘that’s really cool, I would love to try that’ or ‘hmm that really doesn’t sound that appealing to me’ can help your partner(s) understand what you find pleasurable in a playful, exciting way.

Audio Erotica is so much more than just a story read out loud. There are sounds and really intimate experiences. They explore many different sexual practices and kinks that it may be a great way for you and your partner(s) to explore new things to try out together. Like watching a favorite series together, audio erotica can be super bonding and allow you to show each other your fantasies. This way you can find new inspiration that not only sparks your imagination,but also gets you turned on in the process.

7. Send It To Each Other As A Form Of Dirty Texting/Foreplay

You are a bit unsure whether you can keep up with dirty texting and don’t want to send nudes? Why not send a little audio erotica snippet of all the things you are fantasizing about or want to do together. Sending each other snippets of hot little audio eroticas can really set a mood. You could even DIY and send your partner(s) little self-made eroticas, because what would turn them on more than hearing your voice telling them what you want?  

8. Listen To It Together And Masturbate

You want to try out a different way to experience intimacy together? Some create song playlists to feel closer to each other. Maybe it is time for you and your partner(s) to create your own list of favorite audio eroticas and listen to them together. You can do so when apart over the phone, like a guided masturbation routine that you both enjoy, or you can do it while laying next to each other and looking at each other…

9. Use It As Foreplay

Try this: you’re on your way from work to a hot date or a desperately needed night together with your partner(s). You had a long day and feel a bit tired and stressed out. Relax your mind and get in a sensual mood before you even get to your destination. Listening to audio erotica on your way can help you make the most out of an evening and can increase your libido in a fun way. An added plus is the component of experiencing the thrill of listening to erotica privately while in public…

10. Re-program Your Mind

Visual porn can add to body image pressure and install harmful beauty standards and expectations in us. Audio porn can be a great way to train your brain to let go of what you might think you are supposed to enjoy and like and really tap into what  works for you. You might be surprised how deeply societal beauty standards and gender expectations have invested your mind.


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