What is Sexual Wellness and How to Find It

Why pursue sexual wellness? How can we attain it?


What is Sexual Wellness?

Sexual wellness often gets overlooked because we tend to concentrate on the act itself, not the before or the after. Sexual wellness involves recognizing that sexual justice, sexual health, sexual well-being and sexual pleasure are intricately interconnected and should be considered collectively. Sex involves every part of yourself—the good, the bad, the ugly, the sublime AND, some argue, the divine. But what is divinity without a little contemplation? What is sensuality if not confidence that body, soul and mind are working in perfect harmony? Just as a boat glides effortlessly on still water, sexual wellness entails creating a personal ocean to navigate your unique journey. Often the waters are invaded by winds and currents. Sexual wellness involves acquiring the skills to manage these challenges and communicate effectively to chart a more empowered course. It’s an endeavour to harness and positively focus your senses, fostering a blend of self-connection and connection with others.

How do we enable and allow for sexual wellness then?

Begin with yourself, a concept frequently echoed in the wellness era. But this isn’t a trend; it’s the truth. Our bodies can get so engulfed in the cacophony of life that we must push through the noise to rediscover stillness and reconnect with ourselves. So we must go through the process of discovering our true selves and unlocking heightened self-awareness and a greater understanding of the world. Sexual wellness is already part of who you are; finding it may require taking time to caress yourself, feeling where you like it and where you need it. This can be anything from taking the time to watch others exploring on our CHEEX platform and becoming inspired to bring exploration into your sexual practice. This might involve watching others explore on the CHEEX platform or watching tutorials (such as the ‘Yoni Massage’ tutorial led by Caroline Florez) to activate different sensory experiences.

Having an open and positive mindset toward sex is paramount. This involves both emotional and cognitive aspects, encompassing justice, pleasure and health. It requires opening your mind to various topics and allowing communication to flow through their meanings:

Having an open and positive mindset toward sex is also crucial. It is both emotional and cognitive as it involves justice, pleasure, and health. It is about opening your mind to the following topics and communication to flow through their meanings:

Feeling overwhelmed?

Well, there are many ways to understand what all this means and how you can achieve these states of wellness. CHEEX is not only about representing ethical, feminist porn but also about explaining ways to achieve sexual wellness yourself. Its unabashed sex education, diverse voices and exclusive performer insights pave the way for discussions on sexual wellness.

CHEEX offers:

Workshops to enhance your sexuality and love life, allowing you to attend live courses from sex and wellness experts to educate, explore and train at a safe, personal pace.

Listen, a space to discover sensual erotica spoken to you, can open your inspiration and senses when you need to reconnect with yourself. There is something for everyone to achieve whatever pleasure they may desire. You can even find tutorials with performers, providing a beautiful way to learn and expand your knowledge on everything from consent to STIs.

Learn, a page featuring articles about the culture of sex, sexual health, love and lust, Sexucation and CHEEX talks.

My personal favourite in Learn’s “Sex Education” section is Bethany Burgoyne’s ‘Prioritising Sexual Health: From Condoms to Kinks’, which is an inclusive dig deep into sexual wellness through a health-focused lens.

Then, within the CHEEX talks, you can discover highly educational and wellness-oriented podcasts featuring special guests such as Charlotte Weise talking about taboos and how to live out sexual freedom (in German).

On CHEEX, all inspiration and knowledge are presented in a highly sensual manner. Additionally, I’ll share some of my recommendations on finding oneself and understanding sexual wellness after several years of working in the sexual health and awareness industry.

My Recommendations for Sexual Wellness:

What works for you, may not work for someone else: Subjectivity and individuality are not confined to the bedroom or any sexual act. We strive to live our truths every day, so why not when it comes to sexual wellness? We have multiple identities, genders, sexualities, contexts and experiences. This makes your sexual wellness uniquely yours. Bear that in mind when you read, learn, watch and explore. It also means you always must respect others’ way too. This broader awareness extends to consent and openness to communication.Hello Dearest: Don’t hesitate to seek help from sexual health professionals. You can discover a plethora of fantastic coaches and therapists on Hello Dearest. The app is user-friendly and has personally inspired me to embark on my sex coaching journey. Their slogan is “Learn to love healthier. Start with yourself.” Sounds like sexual wellness to me!Read Sex Positive by Kelly Neff: To bust myths, foster empowerment, and disentangle shame culture for complete sexual wellness, read this book. Kelly Neff redefines our attitudes toward love and sex in a contemporary setting we all recognize. It situates you in the present which allows you to challenge your notions of wellness.Treat it like your skin: Much of sexual wellness involves keeping your body safe and empowered, whether it’s finding the perfect toy, undergoing regular testing, incorporating breathwork into your daily fitness routine, discovering the best lube, or understanding the preparation your body needs before, during and after sexual activity.

Websites to Visit:


Contraception and sexual health information: 


Remember I talked of sexual wellness with a metaphor of a boat on the sea. The sea is fluid, ever-changing and boundless, and your experience of gaining sexual wellness and understanding will resemble that. How the boat travels and knows the water is what is important. Use the plethora of information and inspiration on the CHEEX website, personal recommendations and your inspirations to empower your sexual wellness. Good luck, and remember: it’s achievable with confidence, investigation and help from others.

We look forward to aiding you on your journey towards sexual wellness!

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