First Time In A Swingers Club

The Performer Couple Nora and Theo, recently visited a Swingers Club for the very first time. In this steamy account, Nora guides you through the different rooms and introduces you to an array of sex toys, partners and kinks, all from her perspective. Prepare for things to get heated.


Before D-Day

Lately, I’ve been having dreams. Dreams with girls, in which I’d touch them, kiss them, satisfy them—every night. Soon, I was struck by the idea of visiting a swingers club. I kept this vision to myself for a while before eventually opening up to Theo. At first, he was a little sceptical, unsure what to expect from such an experience. Yet, as time passed, I persuaded him to go along with the idea—so much so that he even began to look forward to our visit. Neither of us had ever been to a swingers’ club before, so I chose one said to be the best in our country.

For our visit, we chose an evening with the theme of “SEXY”, at which only couples were allowed. This was in hopes that this would ensure that the ratio didn’t skew too far in the direction of men. Our focus was on women or other couples. A week before the event, I selected our outfits. I settled on one of my favourite black lace sets, accentuated by a chain between my breasts and a translucent black night robe. If you’ve seen my photos and videos, you’re likely familiar with this outfit. Theo’s outfit followed suit—entirely black, from shoes and trousers to shirt and bow tie. We felt like characters from Fifty Shades of Grey. The anticipation of our impending adventure excited us. But we had no idea what we were in for.

Adventure Time

D-Day arrived, and we were both horny like never before. We couldn’t wait for the evening, and despite our plans to fuck all night long, we couldn’t resist also fucking earlier in the day. We were insatiable. When the time came to leave for the party, we donned our sexy outfits. I put on make-up—a rarity for me—which made me feel even more special. As set off into the night and headed to the swingers club, I shook with excitement, unable to believe that we were going there. Theo was a bit nervous, but I knew he’d get over it as soon as we stepped inside.

Once we rang the bell at the entrance, and there was no going back. Not that we even wanted to; we were eager to enter and have an unforgettable night. A young lady opened the door, invited us inside and requested we remove our shoes and lock away our phones. No photos were allowed inside the club for the sake of the visitors’ privacy.

She then guided downstairs the the club’s main area. There, she introduced us to the club owner, who, recognizing us as newcomers, took the time to introduce us to the space. We were offered a welcome drink and a tour of the club. The bar was located in the main room, alongside several tables and seats. The stage in the same room would host a show later that evening. Just behind the bar, a hot tub allows visitors to order drinks straight from the water. Behind the main room were several others, including a dressing room and 6 sex rooms.

In one large room, there was a multi-leveled mattress able to accommodate a lot of people. There were 3 smaller rooms for couples, threesomes and foursomes, while 2 other rooms had handcuffs mounted on various surfaces—the wall, the bed, a table, a bench and a cross. The mere sight of it all made me wet. Both of us knew we wanted to try them all.

After the tour of the club, we changed into our sexy outfits and returned to the bar. We ordered drinks and surveyed our surroundings. Other guests arrived gradually until 30 couples had gathered in the club; there was plenty to choose from, so to speak. Eventually, she entered the scene—a woman dressed as a policewoman. When she smiled at Theo and me, I knew more would follow.

The policewoman and her muscular boyfriend, dressed as a firefighter, made a perfect a perfect couple. They headed straight to the big room for sex. Theo and I followed our curiosity into the same room. There were already a few couples in the room enjoying themselves, including the two of them. And they fucked hard. Seeing them made us very horny, but we were still too shy to join. Instead, we went to the room with handcuffs, and there we started our night.

Theo sat me on the bench and strapped my legs and arms up with restraints. My pussy flowed with desire for Theo’s cock. He pushed deep inside me and we started fucking. I was so excited that I thought I was going to die. But instead, I started squirting. And I couldn’t stop. We threw a towel on the floor and continued fucking. I had never experienced such a good position. But I knew that if we didn’t stop, Theo would ejaculate, and I didn’t want that… yet. So we picked up the soaked towel and made room on the bench for other people. A line had formed, invited by my loud sigh of pleasure.

We headed straight for the large room. The number of people there has doubled in the meantime, yet the policewoman and the firefighter were noticeably absent. Determined to wait for them, we settled into a corner of the room. The dimmed lighting, combined with the moaning of the people, created an intensely sexy atmosphere. I never thought I would be so horny just watching others fuck, a sentiment Theo shared. We began pleasuring each other with our hands. I was so wet it was like I had emptied a bottle of lubricant inside my pussy.

It didn’t take long for us to feel overcome by the desire to join others and fuck as well. I knelt on all fours to have a clear view of the room, and we fucked hard. It wasn’t long before the couple we awaited entered the room and headed straight for us, appearing to share our intentions. The policewoman knelt beside me and let her partner fuck her from behind. Our eyes met and we started kissing. Her hand explored my body, and I was quick to reciprocate by massaging her breasts.

As our men pounded on us from behind, she suggested that we exchange partners. I refused the proposition since I only wanted Theo’s penis. But otherwise, I came here for her. We started to rub each other’s pussies. It felt amazing! Eventually, we took a break at the bar before soaking in the hot tub and returning to the room for more.

Another enticing scene awaited us as we returned to our spot, now occupied by a beautiful, young woman. Without a single word, I sat beside her and started touching her. Her eyes granted me permission. Her skin was so soft, I couldn’t stop touching it. I couldn’t resist kissing and biting her breasts, evoking sighs of pleasure. We lay on our backs with our heads next to each other and let our partners fuck us in missionary while we stroked and kissed each other. Her softness was so captivating that I had to turn my attention to her pussy. At first, I only touched her with my fingers, reading silent cues of her excitement. One hand teased her clit with one hand while the other hand found its way inside her. She went crazy with pleasure. Our partners, watching from a distance, seemed excited as well.

Encouraged by the energy of it all, I decided to taste her— my first time tasting pussy. I brought my mouth close, touching her clit with my tongue, which sent electricity through her body. I licked her and sucked her until she was so wet that I almost drowned. Theo, horny from watching, started fucking me from behind as I leaned toward her pussy. Her body quivered with orgasm, so I kept licking. I only stopped when she tore my head away from her lap, unable to take the pleasure anymore. We left the room together and went to take a shower. My fascination with her smooth body didn’t relent, so I continued to touch her under the stream of water. In silent awe, we stood there together, cherishing the moment.

Afterwards, Theo and I sought another moment of rest and decided to enjoy another drink. Our minds couldn’t stop retracing what had just happened, and the lingering arousal kept us wanting more. Tager for more, we returned to the room with handcuffs. This time, I opted for a different setup, lying on a raised bed with my lower body through a wall opening. Theo secured my legs in place, and next to us was another couple. A young blonde lay beside me, and we reached for each other’s nipples as our partners fucked us from the other side of the wall. Of course, this led me to squirt all over, leaving the whole place soaking wet!

We went looking for the girl with soft skin, but we couldn’t find her. We guessed she must have left—it was 3 AM after all. We’d completely lost track of time without a hint of fatigue. We decided to end our evening where we started it, on the bench with handcuffs. It wasn’t long before Theo came.

After a shower, we grabbed our things, said goodbye to the club owner and made our way home. We knew this was not our last visit to this swingers club.

After The Magic

Several weeks have passed since our night at the club, but the memories linger fresh in our minds as if it had all happened yesterday. Our love life has even become invigorated by newfound passion! We often talk about these experiences during sex which makes us even more horny. We can’t wait for our next visit to the swingers club! Wanna join?

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