How To: Spooning

Spooning, the perfect position for building trust and intimacy. But it is more versatile than you think. Learn new ways to spice up this timeless classic by incorporating clever tweaks.


Close, intimate, skin-on-skin. Spooning certainly is one of the classic positions to build trust in the beginning of a relationship or sexual encounter. Whether you are going for vaginal or anal penetration, or simply enjoy the feeling of being incredibly close to your partner, spooning is an excellent way to calibrate the experience of two bodies becoming one.
But how should you get started? Since penetrative sex can be a bit of a challenge for the first couple of minutes, spooning is one of the go-to’s for muscle and mental relaxation. Both big and little spoon lay comfortably on their side, making it an easy starting point for penetration – be it with a penis, hand, or toy.

Little spoon, you are offering yourself to your partner, with your neck, back, and butt exposed for kisses, caressing, or even slaps. If you are big spoon, you will most likely find yourself in the driver’s seat. How deep and fast penetration will go, is up to you. As always, go slow in the beginning. While spooning, you have a perfect view of your partner’s entire body to read what they are enjoying and when you should stop. Also, use your hand for stimulation on your partner’s front. Touching or teasing their vulva, penis, or chest will increase pleasure for both of you, as will playing with the amount of skin contact from your feet all the way up to your heads. Little spoon, also try pushing up against your partner’s penetration, they will very much enjoy your eagerness.

Once you are ready to take spooning to the next level, try lifting little spoon’s upper leg to enable more intense penetration. Whether you like to hold your own leg or have it held, is up to you. Little spoon, now is an opportunity to twist your upper body back towards your partner. Wrap your arm around big spoon’s neck, allowing for direct eye contact and kissing. With a few adjustments, you have transformed the cozy and romantic spooning from earlier into its more advanced and forceful version.

For those of you who are less flexible, it is also possible to turn the other way to spice up your spooning: instead of little spoon turning around to face their partner, big spoon may also guide them towards the mattress or whatever material you are finding yourselves on. Big spoon, bending both of you and your partner’s upper leg while pushing some of your weight onto them will restrict their movement while also intensifying your connection. Depending on both your preferences, biting or hair pulling might additionally enrich your advanced spooning.

As you can see, spooning really is an all-rounder. It is a great way to relax and ease into whatever kind of penetration you enjoy. It works well as a method to slow down and reconnect emotionally during longer sessions. Or you might want to start extending your spooning repertoire and make it your go-to from beginning till end.

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