He could be a minister of romantic affairs. Jay Smooth knows how to make the very simple moments special. An American with Polish origins based in Los Angeles, California. No wonder, he has an angelic look, a long hair elegant man, with a charming smile and cinematic eye, like a Hollywood star…

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He holds his sexual partners like a real gentleman, receiving thankful moans of satisfaction. What we find so special in the Jay Smooth videos is also a great atmosphere and settings that intensity the erotism- on an armchair in the skyscraper, he brings women to the heaven of divine orgasm, during spa retreats when he turns into a master of wellness, the other times in the wild tropical garden he becomes a beast, when holding arms and neck of his great hunt. Sometimes he can also be seen in groups, but always Jay Smooth always provides the right attention towards his ladies. He seems more a couple type of guy, a dream boyfriend sometimes likes to be led by his partner. As when waking up, for example, teased by his girlfriend to please her orally.  He does it smoothly and well, is also eager to engage in acrobatic actions, and turning a living room space into a playground of romantic exploration.

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