Estella Bathory

Estella Bathory is a beautiful force. In her Instagram bio, she says ‘I fuck like a beast’ and a ‘crusty Queer’ which sums up the experience of watching her, although CHEEX would like to add that she is ‘beauty and beast’ and definitely not crusty!

She is the winner of the best lesbian scene in 2020 and the host of the podcast ‘Spitroasted’. It is a must to listen to. She is another multi-talented actress. She is from the UK and loves getting dirty. She recently won another award of best cam gurl in 2021 which is highly impressive and we get it! On CHEEX we are lucky to have one of her cam performances on a latex red coach. It’s called ‘Estella Exclusive’ and we get to see Estella rub herself in oil and show us all her gorgeous curves, while she smacks, grabs, and touches herself. She is an amazing twerker and an even better grinder. Her special talent, among other special talents, is her ability to produce saliva and for it to be an extremely erotic watching experience. She hosts a fabulous head of cool hair, a magnificently expressive face, and a body that looks ridiculously soft. Estella is amazing at solo sex, we love this exclusive performer a great deal and look forward to always seeing more of her.

Films from Estella Bathory

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