“HardWerk is a film studio exploring and expanding eroticism in pop culture & celebrating desire without shame”. Their production take place on a regular base, and in the videos regularly telling the stories of unshameful, lustful sex.

In the HardWerks videos, “associated tropes and clichés become a playground for subversion, empowering the female and the non-conformative” . They are kinky, intense and queer. The sets are somehow the average places: bars, cars, parties. But turned into pop-cultural fairytales, or- maybe more adequately- bangbang wet dreams. The lights are swirling, the performers accompany their passionate moves with moaning. You can recognise some of the models, as Hardwerk gathers the greatest non-mainstream of them, that have collaborated with other companies as well. For example performer and sex educator Kali Sudhra, Bishop Black, who cocreates SexSchool, or Dante Dionys, who is a producer himself. But also Sam Bourne, Gabi Gold or Hunter S. Johnson who stay on both sides of the camera: as a model as well as content creator (Hunter S. Johnson was 2020 AVN nominated filmmaker) and Gabi Gold- creative content creator. Most of them are based in Berlin. “Watch them alone, share them with your partners, discuss them with your friends.” Hardwerk aims to break taboos and bring up the topic of sex, sexuality, fantasies to the real social interactions. They encourage sharing fantasies and videos to partner(s) and friends. Maybe that is the secret way of making them come true. For sure they brainstorm it well in the production, as the videos have great scripts- engaging many beautiful performer in an orgastic act of passionate, intense fucking.

Films from Hardwerk

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