Eva Elfie

Eva is a real Elfie, her beauty seems to come directly from a fairy tale. Anyway, this is not where she comes from- she is Siberlian girl. She has chosen her nickname also because of her elfin ears, that back in her childhood days had been an excuse to be tormented, nowadays became to be a blessing and her characteristic sign.

Her academic background is in journalism, and although being young age got impressive professional experience as well in the fields of HR or sales management, tried to break into broadcasting service as an interviewer. She began modelling and performing when she moved to Moscow later. There she starred in self made sex videos with some encounters, and this experience made her get into the adult industry. Awarded by AVN & XBIZ , Pornhub recognized her as a “Professional Model of the Year”. Most viewed sex videos with her producing partner, showing boy on girl content (the “stepsiblings” roleplay) together with her solo show, got over 53 million views! No wonder, it is really hot! She is smiling, whispering (in russian, the video is subtitled in english), stretching, being joyful and playing with her partner, complementing each other, and just being sweet couple having their sex affair. This is the general feeling you can get watching Eva in the videos.

Films from Eva Elfie

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