The CHEEX Orgasm Sound Library

CHEEX releases its first Orgasm Sound Library, which is now available to listen to and make you dive into sounds of pleasure.


The Big Oh

Our senses accompany us in every situation in our everyday life. Of course, this also includes sex. We taste, we smell, we feel and we hear our partner(s).

In the world of digital porn, the visual processing region of the brain is particularly stimulated, but sounds also influence the viewer’s experience, even if they are not always or not consciously in the foreground for everyone.

The big “oh” doesn’t always stand for big pleasure. Studies show that people with vulvas in particular moan louder to please people with penises or to bring the act to a quicker end. The origin of this can be found in our patriarchal social system, where cis women specifically are socialized to conform to the needs of cis men. Hardly anyone encounters their first sexual experience completely unprepared. However, due to a lack of sexual education in the school system or in families, the majority of young people gather their first impressions from porn. As a result, we emulate mainstream porn ideals and automatically reinforce entrenched gender stereotypes. People from the queer or non-binary community are still rarely represented there or in studies, as well as in the gender gap debate. We are facing a very heteronormative narrative here, on the other hand they are facing a smaller gap when it comes to orgasms.Sex is, therefore, also about roles and in which each individual slips. Moaning just serves as part of the costume. Conversely, this means putting on a staging masterpiece in which loud moans and wild lolling are performed. 

Moaning, however, is not only meant to herald the intended orgasm, because it has even more functions than just heating up the other person. “It’s a great tool to increase pleasure. The body is a resonating chamber. Moaning has been proven to intensify sensation.” (Katja Lewina) Quite incidentally, it serves as a wonderful medium of communication with your partner(s). Not only together, but also alone while masturbating, deep breathing or moaning can help relax the muscles around the pelvic floor and intensify orgasms.

The CHEEX Orgasm Sound Library

With the Orgasm Sound Library , the focus will be on the sense of hearing, to free people from the glance that society’s stigma created. 

We are happy to have some of our performers with us on this project.

You can listen to Kali Sudhra or Jamal Phoenix when they drown in lust, for example, or surrender to the imagination as you listen to the Anonymous performers and let yourself be carried away.

Everyone should be able to express themselves during sex the way they want to, even if that means not saying anything.  Our performers are leading by example to make a difference.

So let’s make moaning more gender neutral together. We want to hear your sounds of pleasure, no matter what gender or sexuality you identify with.

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