Expanding Sexual Awareness Through Chakras

What does it even mean to have sexual awareness? Doesn’t it just mean knowing when and with whom you want to have sex? Not really. Find out what sexual awareness is and how chakras can help.


Sex can create a deep and close bond between partners and help strengthen feelings of closeness and connection. Sex can also promote physical and emotional health. It helps to reduce stress, increase self-confidence and improve well-being. No matter what you use it for, this explosive ecstasy should lead to something that can feel different for each person. It’s important to note that everyone has their own ideas and beliefs about sex, and that what’s good for you and me isn’t necessarily for everyone else.

Deep sexual awareness is based on acceptance and understanding of sexuality both in oneself and in others. Recognizing what your own needs and desires are and being able to express them, as well as respecting the needs and desires of others. But it also includes the ability to deal with sexuality safely and responsibly in order to build healthy and positive relationships. Such awareness gives you the ability to enjoy and express your sexuality in a way that fuflfils you. 

Most people usually limit themselves to these four ways: Intimacy, Procreation, Health and Entertainment. They may not know how sex can feel any more different than you already think you know or believe. Knowing what each individual would be capable of if the sexual energy, is transformed into the right things and does not exclusively serve the sexual own pleasure. One’s own personal goals can be achieved more easily with this energy. A new sexual perception could open up if sex is consciously transformed. Your sexual energy is a valuable and powerful resource waiting to be explored.

Enjoying sex as pure pleasure is not reprehensible. It is fun especially when you have proper partners by your side or, but also by yourself. 

How Can You Expand Your Sexual Awareness?

Think of sexual energy as matter. It cannot be created or destroyed, but only transformed into something else.

 Either through sexual abstinence, that is, abstaining from sex or masturbation for a certain period of time, in order to use your sexual energy elsewhere. For example, in creative activities such as dancing, manual work, communication and art.

 Or through sexual expression, that is, you change the way you engage in sex or masturbation to change the flow of energy. You can do that through your chakras. I know this might sound a bit supernatural or maybe you’re thinking “oh not another esoteric thing”, but you might also be excited to learn more about it or even have some good prior knowledge.

What Are Chakras?

Chakras are energy points located between the physical body and the subtle body. They are connected to each other through energy channels and give you power and energy. In other words, they are your engines of mental and physical well-being. There are seven main chakras, which are associated with different attributes such as a chakra color, a mantra, a lotus, a planet, a deity, an element, organs and much more. 

In addition, there are also other secondary chakras called the “source of the divine”. In my work as a chakra healer I always focus on the seven main chakras because they determine the flow of life. These seven need to flow and be active in order to live a happy, fulfilled life. Also on the sexual level. You can only use this energy when your seven main chakras are in flow. In each chakra the life energy, also called prana in Hinduism, flows stronger or weaker. Chakras are never completely blocked or closed. They are either inactive or overactive, which is called “blockage” in chakra teachings. 

If you have blocked or inactive chakras, as well as overactive chakras, they can show themselves through anxiety, depression, nightmares, insecurities, prolonged stress, self-hatred and unexplained physical symptoms. When they are active, they are perfectly balanced, which would be the ideal state of the chakras. 

The better the condition of your chakras, the more you can absorb positive energy. As well as transforming it and using it in a targeted way. If you want to know if your chakras are disturbed, I can recommend the book by Dr. Brenda Davies Chakras Gates to the Soul.

What Are The Chakras And What Do They Have To Do With Sexual Awareness?

The first chakra is the root chakra, it stands for the colour red, for your life force, for your basic trust, your safety and your security. 

It is located in the area of the pelvic floor at the level of the coccyx. This chakra has a strong influence on your sex life. If you do not feel secure or are constantly afraid and insecure, this will be transferred to your sexual behaviour. 

 If you focus on the root chakra during partnered sex or masturbation by visualising your pelvic floor in the colour red, you connect with your being. It connects you to the earth and your primal self. Let go of your survival mode, of your fear of losing control. Trust that you can achieve anything and that you are protected. 

The second chakra is the sacral chakra, it stands for the colour orange, for your sensuality, for your sexuality, self-confidence, creativity and relationships on all levels. It is located below your navel. 

This chakra is your sexual centre. When you feel unsatisfied, uninspired or ashamed of your desire and your body, it affects your sex. 

 When setting new creative goals, pay attention to your sacral chakra during the act. Visualise your sacrum here in the colour orange. This chakra gives you the essence of authenticity to naturally express your sexual being. You are attractive and beautiful!

The third chakra is the solar plexus chakra, it stands for the colour yellow, for your willpower, for your self-confidence, for your personality and for your assertiveness. This chakra is located right on your belly button. It promotes your passion and is the spark within you. If you don’t know what you want in life, who you are or what you like. It could lead to you letting everyone influence you and doing things that don’t match your values. Which also translates to your sex life. 

 If you want more depth and adventure in your life or want to get to know yourself better, you can trigger indescribable dimensions in yourself through your solar plexus. BDSM would be a nice way to live out this chakra more consciously. Visualise your belly button in the colour yellow during sex.

The fourth chakra is the heart chakra, it stands for the colour green, for love for yourself and for others. For humanity, for affection and tolerance. This chakra is located exactly in the middle of the chest area. It helps you to enter into the depth of love and to open up completely. 

To love as you want to love and to be as you want to be.Due to negative experiences or break-ups, many have developed a fear of opening up to new people or confiding fully. 

If you desire more sensuality, romance and spiritual awareness, your heart chakra will offer you these possibilities. The breast is the key to the heart chakra and this is true for all genders. The nipples are one of the erogenous zones and want to be played with. The more this area is stimulated, the easier it is to focus on the heart chakra. Practices such as Tantra can also stimulate the heart chakra and activate the flow.  

If you have a goal of wanting more love in your life, focus on your heart chakra and visualize your chest in the color green during sex. 

The fifth chakra is your throat chakra, it represents the color blue, your communication, your expressiveness, your inspiration and inner truth. 

This chakra is located at the level of the larynx. 

At this level you begin to perceive sex metaphysically and not very physically. Through the throat chakra you discover sexuality in a completely different way. At this stage you feel very safe to express your truth as a fully developed sexual being and explore the meaning of surrender and trust.

If you want to plan the next steps but are unsure, visualize your larynx in the color blue while meditating here. You can do it alone or with a partner.

The sixth chakra is the brow chakra and represents the color purple, a symbolic color for your intuition, soul, mind, clarity and perception. It is located right between your eyebrows and is also called the third eye. 

When sexual energy flows into the third eye and you engage with it, you can experience visions or intuitive promptings and feel a connection to a higher power and wisdom. If you have the goal of connecting with your intuition to create more clarity for yourself, visualize the third eye in the color purple. The unconscious will reveal itself to you and give you a new reality. 

The last and seventh chakra is your crown chakra and represents the colour white, your divine guidance and unity consciousness. It is located above the crown of the head. This chakra is the state of being. A perceptible state, a state where you can feel and believe. When you direct your sexual energy to the corn chakra, you are claiming your divinity. You are fully present and in the here and now. Every moment is fully integrated into your being.

Visualize the crown of your head in the color white during sex or masturbation.

Chakra Time

The chakras help you to rediscover yourself and your sexuality. 

Start from the bottom with the root chakra and work your way up. 

It should feel good and right for you. Discover the chakra of your choice, I also recommend listening to Solfeggio frequencies associated with each chakra. For example, 639Hz tones represent the heart chakra or 396Hz tones represent the root chakra. 

 Try it out and be ready to receive!

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