Quick knowledge: Squirting

While her vagina is penetrated and the front upper vaginal wall is stimulated, she massages her clitoris herself. At some point she feels the pressure, and suddenly she cums. In this way, women experience a female form of ejaculation: squirting.


There is disagreement in scientific circles about what exactly the secretion consists of when women cum. What is certain is that many feel the orgasm even more intensely through squirting. For others, squirting and orgasm happen separately.

If you can squirt, you can do anything. At least, that’s what conventional porn wants to tell us, which has elevated female squirting to the ultimate achievement. The pressure that comes with it is annoying. Sex without squirting is no less stimulating. If the vibe in bed is right, the last barriers to giving free rein to desire often break down.

For some it works, for others it never works, for others squirting only works alone. In this case, a combination of clitoral and vaginal stimulation can be the key. By the way, squirting also counts if only a few drops come out.

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