Positions on Pleasure: Interview with Illustrator Diana Bobb

For our Positions on Pleasure campaign, we had the honor of working with the amazing artist Diana Bobb. Get to know her better in this interview.


Who are you, where are you from, what do you do?

My name is Diana Bobb, I am a native Austrian and I work as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer in Vienna.

What were previous projects you are particularly proud of?

In the field of illustration, I’ve always had clients whose values I’ve been able to reconcile very well with my own. So it was often about diversity, sustainability or some form of social justice. So I have to say I’m really proud of each of those projects.

What's the story behind "Where did you come from?"

“Where do you come from?” is a children’s non-fiction book that I was asked to illustrate with three other illustrators. There were no strict guidelines and since all four of us have experienced some form of racism or discrimination, the illustrations are inspired by our life experiences or personal impressions, or are linked to our identity.

What attracted you to the Positions on Pleasure project?

The idea behind it appealed to me. Among other things, it was about depicting people who hardly appear in conventional illustrations of sex positions. The approach of giving underrepresented people more space was what drove me.

What was the particular challenge of the project?

I realized for myself that I rarely illustrate older people. When you follow a rather minimal style, it’s already a bit of a challenge to make age visible.

What is your favorite position?

My favorite position is “More than Missionary.”

What was your approach to positions we rarely see, such as those with people with disabilities?

On the one hand, the exchange with the Cheex team helped me with this, and on the other hand, I also did my own research, which allowed me to better empathize with certain groups of people

Diana Bobb is a Vienna-based multidisciplinary designer and illustrator. She studied communication design in Graz and Salzburg and fine arts in Valencia. Her background lends itself to a broad skill set, including illustration, design, storytelling and branding. Bold colors and inviting shapes summon the viewer into Bobb’s character-driven, vibrant world that is both courageous and compelling. Past projects include a children’s book about racism and prejudice, #powerfulwomenweek, and a spotlight in Missy Magazine on the adverse conditions for bike messengers and their resulting solidarity. Bobb is simultaneously fearless and compassionate –  certainly one to watch for what comes next on her artistic journey.


Visit her website at https://dianabobbillustration.com or Insta @di.bobb


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