Outdoor Sex – An Interview with the TravellingLovers

Nature can be an endless source of inspiration if it comes to Sex. Especially in summer, when the days get longer and the nights hotter, outdoor sex can provide variety and excitement. It also takes a bit of courage and risk to embark on an outdoor adventure, but it brings passion and a breath of fresh air into relationships or partnerships.


Why does the idea of outdoor sex appeal to us so much?

As romantic and exciting as it is, it can be just as risky and a great thrill. This is because outdoor sex is indictable under German law. If you are caught and reported, the act counts as “causing public nuisance” under the Criminal Code §183a and can be punished with a fine or imprisonment of up to one year.
Therefore, caution is advised in your choice of location and special care should be taken of people who may be in the vicinity, as well as of nature, if you include contraceptives or other resources such as lube or food with packaging in your lovemaking.
However, these points should not necessarily prevent you from having new experiences. 

In keeping with the Summer of Pleasure, we recently asked our CHEEX outdoor sex experts, The TravellingLovers, what ideas and experiences they have gathered so far, which we now want to share with you. 

"We haven't had sex indoors for a very long time."

Your videos, which can be found on CHEEX, are filmed exclusively outdoors.
How did you discover the passion for outdoor sex?

The truth is that we haven’t had sex indoors for a very long time. The first time  we discovered the magic of having sex with each other, we were canoeing down a river and just made love in our tent, on the river side, when we felt like it. So it was just completely natural for us to have sex outdoors. We were joking all the time about what it would have been like  to make love indoors, in a bed. The first time was months later, when he was so ilI he couldn’t leave the house.


How and where you like to have sex, and what your preferences are for example, you get to know over time. How did you communicate your desire for outdoor sex at the beginning?

First of all, we communicated a lot from the very beginning, because when we met we had some bad previous relationship experiences where we couldn’t express our feelings, needs and desires and it always ended with a breakup. So we decided (separately, before we even met) that we will be completely honest about our feelings and desires in all aspects of our life and sex life. Our idea was that if we were completely honest with each other, the worst thing would have been  to soon enough realize that we weren’t meant for each other and go separate ways with a good feeling. So we were communicating all the time from the beginning and told each other things  that we couldn’t imagine we would tell anyone in a million years.  Over time, we shared more and more about our needs, desires, feelings even if we thought they were weird. And we are still learning about each other (and ourselves!) every day! If we try out a thing which one of us is less comfortable with, we do it knowing that if it works for both of us, then we have discovered  another pleasing thing but if it doesn’t, we still love each other the same way. We can only enjoy those things that we know the other enjoys as well because we both want  to give pleasure to  the other. Although it can’t be seen in our videos, we usually talk  a lot while we are making love. In our opinion, the happiest relationships are those in which you feel totally free and you don’t have to hide anything; it is a great sexual aphrodisiac too!


How do you choose the places and what exactly are your favourite places to have sex outside which you would also recommend to beginners? 

Most of  the time it happens randomly, we just spot a good place to have sex and if both of us have the vibe to do it, we just go  for it. One of our favorite places to have sex was an absolutely beautiful little lagoon in the Amazon Rainforest where we could just live our Blue Lagoon-like fantasies and play with each other, while standing in the water or laying on a rock in the middle of the river. We also loved to have sex in the Azores surrounded by beautiful mountains, clouds, nature. One of the best things is to get a canoe or kayak because that way it is much easier to find great spots with  no people.

Overall, our recommendation for beginners is that you can find great places to have outdoor sex everywhere in the world. The best way to start for the first time, is to try to find places that are not too risky, because you can enjoy each other more if you don’t have to care about people walking by , etc. Find a place where you can see from afar if someone is approaching . Of course the possibility of getting caught can be arousing as well, but normally not for the first time.

"For us, outdoor sex is just as natural or even more natural than indoor sex"

What do you look for when choosing a location?

Usually we are looking for spots  where there are not too many people and we can just be  in nature and feel our primal selves.  Then,  we sometimes just see a spot that is risky,  but we just feel we must have sex there. It is also a good  thing to make love in random places because that way we invent the best positions that are new for us.

What do you think are the best positions for outdoor sex and could you explain why?

It depends on the location, but our favorite positions are the following: Doggy, Standing doggy, and Cowgirl. Doggy is the best for spots where you can bend over on a tree, a rock or something that is comfortable for you. Standing doggy is great for places where there are not many natural elements  to bend over on or anything like that and also, it feels so good. We love cowgirl in places where there are not many trees or no places  where we can hide because we don’t have to fully  get undressed and we can cover everything with a skirt. For example, we had sex many times in this position in Southern Greek islands where you basically can’t hide. What all of these positions have in common is  that you don’t have to be naked and you can get your clothes on in a moment if someone shows up unexpectedly.

Have you ever been afraid to get caught?

Not really. When we want to have sex completely naked, we choose an isolated spot  out there, so we don’t have to be afraid of getting caught. When we have sex in risky places we know we have to be careful beforehand and we do it knowing the risks. These times we wear clothes and in this way,  even if people know what we are doing, they can’t see any “inappropriate  parts”.


outdoor sex certainly requires some mental preparation.
What should be considered regarding possible infections or injuries or how could they be avoided?

For us, outdoor sex is just as natural or even more natural than indoor sex, but we have a recommendation: Spend time at the place you will have sex and just feel the nature around you, get used to the noises and everything, it will bring you a much better orgasm, because you will be more relaxed and prepared mentally and that is one of the most important things. About injuries: even though it is romantic, be careful with sandy beaches because sand can cause some bad things down there. Other than that, we don’t have bad experiences. Of course we always chose  spots that are far from cities and people so we have never gotten  any infections.  Another important thing is that you must communicate with each other. Tell your partner if something isn’t comfortable or hurts (rocks, bugs, nettle, etc.)

Do you also use resources such as toys or lubricants and if so, how do you use them best?

We don’t use any of them, so we can’t give advice  in this regard. 

Following on from the last question, any contraceptives or other materials need to be disposed of responsibly and with care for our natural environment. 
What advice do you have for those who want to prepare properly for outdoor sex?

The most important thing is to prepare mentally. For example  in bent-over  positions you don’t really need anything   that you would need to bring with you, so the most important thing is mental readiness. 


Any last thoughts or advice you’d like to share about outdoor sex?

 Be ready for the fact  that you will do it again and again, and you will get addicted because it is so fun.


The ‘Travelling Lovers’ are a pair of gorgeous, sexy, and erotic individuals that have coupled up to show us two lovers that have a sexual force, stronger than nature. Watching their videos is like going on holiday; being refreshed by the turquoise blue water and letting the sand sink between your hands.



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