Travelling Lovers

‘Travelling Lovers’ are a pair of gorgeous, sexy, and erotic individuals that have coupled up to show us two lovers that have a sexual force, stronger than nature. Watching their videos is like going on holiday; being refreshed by the turquoise blue water and letting the sand sink between your hands.

They fuck between the forest, by the water, they fuck on the bed and ravish one another until they are both left in tranquil, erotic bliss. You can see they are totally in love. They resemble the couple from Blue Lagoon, going down on one another and licking each other’s core. Watching them is like going on your own journey of sexual tourism! As they make their own path of sexual discovery, you will also. Open up to their love and you will be enticed into the oasis of lust. The two ‘Travelling Lovers’ spend their time loving each other which is inspiring to see and if you’re not already, makes you want to quit your day job and go traveling with the person that makes you feel the most sensuous. You will want to keep watching the ‘Travelling Lovers’ and tasting the turquoise between your thighs!

Films from Travelling Lovers

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