NICE TO MEET YOU – Banana Nomads

Meet the forever sexy and loving couple from Spain! Nomads by heart, love birds in the sky.


Welcome! Dana and Kuka alias Banana Nomads have been part of our CHEEX community since early summer this year — and have ever since shared with us their ultimate love for each other. Enjoying their wildlife on the road, they are bound to explore remote places and practices. Especially when it comes to practices beyond the classic concept of intercourse. They love to play, they love to fool around as much as we do.

A perfect match.

Feel free to follow Banana Nomads on Instagram or watch some steamy films with them here on CHEEX. 

NICE TO MEET YOU is a short interview series of around five minutes, in which we ask a wide variety of performers personal questions about their journey to and within the sex industry. We focus on their opinions about porn, or their experiences with it and the industry. They also tell us about their hobbies and daily life. We aim to draw an intimate portrait of people and performers behind the scenes sharing their current state of mind, their love, and their life. This allows performers to become more accessible, but also for you to get to know your favorite artists better.

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Banana Nomads

If you look at their Instagram you can see that a paradise of hot springs in Tuscany becomes highlighted with the kissing and touching of the couple. Their beautifully inspiring ambition is to ‘’spread love and sexiness around the world’’ which they are doing, with thanks to a house they built on wheels and a big love for each other. They both chose CHEEX to air their videos, which are now supporting them travel the world! Kuka says that they did not want to go for porn sites that do too much categorization and are degrading for mutually ethical reasons. Kuka calls it ‘Plastic Porn’. In the Banana Nomads videos you can see on CHEEX, they couldn’t be further away from ‘Plastic’. All their videos feature warm settings and sweet caresses. You can see that they are in love as they tenderly caress one another and spend long lengths of time in each other’s erogenous zones. They have also hosted educational tutorials on the CHEEX platform in collaboration with Fun Factory on ‘Clit Play’ using Fun Factory’s new vibrator products. They are so fun and warming to watch!

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