Standing Positions 101: A Beginner’s Guide

Sex doesn’t always have to happen lying down! Standing positions can add excitement and variety, catering to all genders and orientations, with or without penetration!


Some standing sex can be more demanding. Here are some general tips:
Now for some of the most common standing sex positions!

Standing Doggy or Standing Spooning

This beginner-friendly style is a variation of doggy style. In this position, the recipient assumes a standing position while the other penetrates them from behind. The recipient could support themselves by placing their hands against a wall, a sofa or—flexibility allowing—the floor.


Oral sex can be just as thrilling while standing. Perform oral sex while one partner stands and the other kneels or squats in front.

Three Legged Doggy

Partners face each other, with one wrapping a leg around their partner. This position offers close access to the genitals. The recipient’s genitals may be stimulated or penetrated. As with other standing positions, you can use other surfaces for support.

The Butterfly

Ideal for penetration, the butterfly is performed when the recipient lies on their back on an elevated surface, with their legs on the shoulders of their standing partner.

The Upstanding Citizen

This position requires strength and balance from both partners! One partner wraps their legs around the torso of their standing partner, straddling them. The standing partner has the option of supporting the straddling partner by holding them around the waist or by the bottom. This position is good for penetration and external stimulation alike since the standing partner has the option of reaching their hands around to provide anal or genital pleasure.


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