How To: Doggy

Doggy is exciting, animalistic, rough. If you are into that. Learning how to master the balance between communication and domination will give you the key to an incredibly satisfying adventure.


You like it deep, direct and unapologetic? Doggy Style might be the position for you. They did not choose this name for nothing and giving into the primal aspect of your sexuality may just hit the spot outside of your comfort zone. Whether you like it slow or rough, there is something about doggy giving you that special something. That being said, how should you get started?

Unless you are a pro, Doggy is not the ideal position to initiate penetration. Being on all fours, with your back towards your partner, while only being connected through your loins, requires a lot of trust and frankly, horniness. Of course, it will be a great ride, if you set it up right. For beginners, you might want to go with an easier and comfier position and progress into doggy style later. This way, the person being penetrated has time to get used to it and relax enough to make doggy equally enjoyable. If you decide it is time to switch things up, make sure the both of you are comfortable. Be it on top of a bed, next to it or – depending on your physical abilities – standing up.

If you are the one about to be penetrated, taking care of your knees is important. If you find yourself on hard ground, make sure to find yourself a pillow, so you will be able to last without pain. Roughed up knees might be material for a fun story later, but it can go south really quickly. Taking it from behind, whether it involves your butt or vulva, takes a lot. Relax and make sure to give yourself time to adjust to whichever penis, hand or toy your partner is treating you. Let your partner know what you need to get there, be it kisses, touches or a couple of slaps.

Vice versa, if you are in charge of penetration, staying in touch with your partner’s reactions and needs might prove to be more difficult than in other positions. Take your time while entering your partner, it will pay off later. The enticing aspect of doggy style, the synchronised enjoyment of deep, faceless penetration, only happens when both partners are able to let go completely. Once you have reached that, it is one of the best feelings out there.

Now, do you want to take the doggy experience to the next level? There are a couple of hacks you can play with. First, if you are being penetrated, try experimenting with the positioning of your upper body. For example, while you will probably find yourself in a 90 degree angle by default, how about going up a bit, making eye contact to then fully submitting yourself to your partner by going all the way down. Exposing yourself like that will not only intensify the friction, it also heightens the Doggy experience psychologically. You might even put your hands behind your back to achieve total submission.

As the one penetrating, power play can be a big turn-on here. Implementing control over your partner by grabbing their hair, putting your hand on their throat or neck can fully immerse the both of you. Consent and constant checking in are very important, though. Lastly, penetration in Doggy Style does not need to be limited to anus or vulva. From behind, you can additionally slip your fingers into your partners mouth. If they let you, this will elevate Doggy even further. And make it an adventure to remember.


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