Quickie knowledge: the 6-second kiss

One kiss, six seconds, every day – for a period of two weeks: Couple therapists like to prescribe this dose of tenderness to keep relationships spicy.


The Magic Of The Six Second Kiss

6-second kisses should ensure real closeness, reflect appreciation for the other person and of course can also lead to sex. But they don’t have to. The primary goal is to establish a physical connection in everyday life and just let a kiss speak for itself.

By the way, six seconds are more than usual kissing 101. Sometimes we’re so used to the hush-hush kiss goodbye that we have forgotten how to make time to actually make out.

The first few times it can help to count 26, 25, 24, 23, 22, 21 in your head. And then: enjoy it, please ! Feel the other person’s lips softly on your own. Smooch, suck, lick. Perhaps you can also stroke the little hairs on the back, run your fingers along the side of the neck, take the person’s face in both hands. Listen to happy little smacking. Taste. Open and close your eyes in between.


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