Viktoria Vaar

Viktoria Vaar is a strong feminist, activist and sex worker who opposes the classic male ideas in the sex industry and gives priority to female pleasure.

At the age of 19 she went to a festival in Barcelona about “alternative sexualities”, where she gained a lot of experience and fell in love with the city, thus moving there a few years later.

Her career in the adult industry began as an escort, which she did on the side in addition to her actual job as a chef. After a year and a half, she decided to pursue sex work full time. The idea was born out of a fantasy, something new she wanted to try, which is why she ended up starring in fairly produced porn herself.

With her brave, intelligent and charming nature, she captivates people around her. With her work and her appearance, she gives people what they might be missing and thus enriches her customers and viewers. Her self-confidence, charisma, and attitude towards her work is authentic. She sees the added value and the good in her work just like CHEEX, that sex is natural, great and worth sharing. Consensuality and self-determination are the focus here. 

Viktoria Vaar stands for feminism and that female sexual pleasure should not be hidden, she shows that feminism can also go hand in hand with submission, what needs strength and that the joy and passion of sex means freedom and fun for everyone involved. All this makes her and her work unique. See for yourself how Viktoria and some others smash taboos on female masturbation in “Female pleasure circle.”

Films from Viktoria Vaar

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