Tasha Black

Tasha Black is also featured on Mondo Fetiche, a platform for queer, artistic films in the adult industry. She is part of a community that celebrates the beautiful, colorful and weird world of fetish. Specialised in Dominatrix, she shows her handling of her slaves in amateur videos as well as in high end produced films.

Playful and inviting her work contains and shows her power and strength. The self-proclaimed “femdom strapon ebony with a hot brooklyn accent” is teasing her counterpart in the ways she expresses the desires she has and all she wants is to get pleased.

In addition to her work as a performer, Tasha runs a Youtube channel. Here, for example, she educates about the use of different toys, makes tutorials about her work as a dominatrix and thus gives a real and deep insight into her work, which makes her incredibly approachable. On the side, she shoots yoga workouts and promotes different clothes. From sexy latex lingerie to pantyhose, you can find almost everything on her channel.

Her openness is catching and we love her for it. Together with RoccoMcAllistor, her content is also represented here at CHEEX.

Films from Tasha Black

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