Freshie Juice

At only 22, Philadelphian performer Freshie Juice is very confident in her sexuality. Cuckhold, edging, denial… you get it, femdom is what makes her tick.

Freshie Juice says it herself: “My life has been shaped by bondage, fetishism and kink.” Freshie Juice embraces every bit of her body and desires without shame nor taboo, and that is why CHEEX is proud of collaborating with her.

Also an artist and a model, aesthetic plays an important role in Freshie Juice’s work. In her erotic videos, you will always see her body adorned with beautiful lingerie. You can see her perform with vulva-owners in “Squirting Bondage” as well as penis-owners in “Rough Amor” to name just a few.

Films from Freshie Juice

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