Sloan Cox

Sloan Cox is a performer and producer- she makes a queer, soft sodo maso porn, that is playful and dynamic. She likes to discover and tease her sensitive points.

Together with her sexual partners they do it roughly yet caring, showing how the body can be a field of discovery and negotiation, experimenting with teasing skin using different objects, putting a gag into the mouth, kissing tenderly, spanking and spitting. Sloan Cox allows herself to enjoy being vulnerable, and dependent, when all the feelings are present during sex. That is what makes the videos great and intimate, they look like a friends play, they are full of trust and openness. The Sloan Coxs’ videos are fun and intense, showing kinks related to BDSM culture. They are in a punkish artsy aesthetic, happening in industrial settings, among raw walls, lighted by an ascetic light or flat flesh. This minimalism exposes well the complex dynamics of the hot and naughty interactions of actors: who are currently, living, feeling and enjoying every single moment, and all sorts it touches- from the tender until painful.

Films from Sloan Cox

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