Sinn Sage

Sinn Sage is based in Las Vegas, is an AVN Award Winner and Adventurer, pornstar and producer. She has been doing her magic in the adult industry for quite some time already- has been delighting fans since 2003. Sinn Sage definitely knows how to achieve others and her own female pleasure.

She has a colorful tattoo of a magic dragonfly on her arm, and mostly performs with girls. Shale also does strip and solo shows. She describes herself as: “optimistic nihilist existentialist stoic socialist.” She proves it in her self-made videos. She dresses up in naive girly outfits, from ferry to dark pin up- bat woman. She is a great role play performer,  and likes to perform sins even as a nun. The other times she could be a real fighter, making rules and showing her position. She began as a 19 years old woman, was intrigued then by BDSM and latex, and other things to play with. She was in a relationship with a man, and didn’t even want to perform with other men. She did girl on girl productions exclusively. After leaving this relationship she let herself figure out what she wants, realizing ultimately that: “it was just that the ways that I am attracted to men are very different from the ways that I am attracted to women. I’m not that physically attracted to most men, so I am super picky and had no interest in working with men in this industry.” She fell in love again and together with her supportive and extremely hot partner performed and ran a company together: Sinn Sage Studios/ Band Pow Media. Eventually Sinn Sage focuses on her independent productions, so that you can discover yourself with CHEEX!

Films from Sinn Sage

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