Oliver Davis

Oliver Davis is an AVN nominated director, producer, and performer. He is based in the United States and sports some very cool tattoos and an even cooler love-making style. We love to watch his dynamic and tender interactions with other performers. He is pretty damn gorgeous.

We think of him as a very romantic performer, always giving the women he performs with soft oral and an amazing amount of foreplay. He loves giving, as much as he loves receiving, and makes lovely soft groans that really get the viewer excited. This man can also go for hours. In ‘Loving Avery Black,’ which is a video featured on CHEEX, Oliver Davis climbs into bed with the beautiful Avery and shows all his potential. He retains eye contact romantically and makes love in an extremely fulfilling way. His stamina is impressive and so are his licks. You would certainly want his number after watching the way he fucks, licks, touches, and cheekily smiles. You can also really see how much he enjoys having sex and it makes the whole experience extremely natural, ethical, and fair to watch. Oliver Davis has made a transition from mainstream porn to indie porn with his partner, Avery Black, who also features in the CHEEX portal.

Films from Oliver Davis

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