Lufa Vingt

Lufa Vingt is a wonderfully sexy couple whose Twitter bio states, ‘A real couple enjoying ourselves and celebrating love.’ That’s the tender realness we like to see exhibited around here!

Lufa Vingt was a quarantine project where all they could play with was themselves, and now they are gracing us with all they got up to. Some quarantines were better than others! They even have a video called ‘Home Office’ which we can all definitely relate to. Whether you were doing home office alone and can live the fantasy that Lufa Vingt has actualized, or you were also getting up to all this licking between meetings, you will love to watch Lufa Vingt. Their videos make you feel their shared calm with each other and passion. In the background of an oasis, they make love between silky sheets and green potted plants. The two of them know exactly how to make love to one another and what makes the other tick, in a sensual direction. They experiment with each other and as long as there is foreplay, they are down for pretty much everything together. They particularly love to rub and tug each other’s erogenous zones, and perform a lot of 69, until finally meeting each other’s suspended appetites with graceful penetration.

Films from Lufa Vingt

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