Lisa Bumble

Lisa Bumble really stands for authenticity, reality, and sensuality. She says, ‘’Let’s embrace female pleasure’’ and we couldn’t be more supportive. She is revolutionizing the indie porn scene, one tender fuck at a time. She performs in scenes that feel softly sexual and sensitive.

We have selected videos of Lisa because of how deeply compassionate she is as a lover. She spends a lot of time kissing and tenderly caressing her lover. We love the film ‘Female Delight’ on the CHEEX platform, for how much female pleasure is prioritized and made a necessary part of foreplay. ‘Female Delight’ features Lisa Bumble receiving all kinds of erogenous touching, licking, and grabbing for 17 minutes. We love that female pleasure is given 17 minutes off screen time. Have you seen that much time spent on a woman in the porn you are normally used to? We are excited that Lisa Bumble is on the path to breaking boundaries, much like CHEEX is doing! We support her every move, especially the sexual ones. If you like soft, calming, sensual, and beautiful scenes and the same for the performer, lovely Lisa Bumble will send you flying. We love to see her ethereal and empowering energy on CHEEX.

Films from Lisa Bumble

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