Heidi Switch

Heidi Switch is a notoriously popular and extremely beautiful performer who is sweet and hilarious. She is a powerful presence on screen with her empowering curves and bewitching stare.

Heidi Switch believes that through ethical porn she can be an influence in the future for both women and for inspiring more and more films that which she involves herself in. She has been a huge fan of Erika Lust, even before being an adult performer. Heidi believes in the female perspective and equal porn revolution that CHEEX is also fully supporting. She thinks you must pay for creativity and things that you believe in. In an interview she defines sex as ‘something in the mind, if something gets you going in the mind, then everything comes with it.’ She loves to be in control of her own body and who gets to touch it. She feels like ethical porn allows her the space to play confidently. She loves to play with Bishop Black and you can see her enjoying pleasure in all kinds of kinky ways. She loves to make out and giggle during her pleasure-giving, which you can totally relate to. One of our favorite films on CHEEX with her is ‘Heidi and the Dough Boys’ where she has a lusty time with Bel Gris and Romeo who treat her to a very good time, as does she, with them. We love to see more empowering women like Heidi entering this sensual garden of ethical porn.

Films from Heidi Switch

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Wanna get a taste of CHEEX?