Conorflix is a performer, caring partner, and photographer. Like many of our performers on CHEEX, he is multi-talented. We see him with Neen Sever who is another sensual and gorgeously passionate performer.

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They both, ConorFlix and Neen Sever,  perform as a couple and we love how intimate and lusty they are for each other. He loves to touch, play and feel Neen coming into every part of him and for him coming into every part of them. Watching Conor is something gorgeous and confirms that you don’t need to thrust hard to give pleasure. You can tell that Neen and himself know each other’s bodies and how the other receives pleasure and this is also wonderful to see. It’s even nicer to see Neen tying up ConorFlix which is not yet heavily normalized and we love the man being the one that is put into the Shibari situation. Conor looks elegant and sensual when he is tied up, whilst still exuding this confidence in his love for Neen. We can’t wait to see more of these two whispering in each other’s ears and being extremely sexy. Conorflix is a brilliant performer and there will be more soon, but for now, go and check out the videos already on the CHEEX platform. 


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