Carel and Ria Lucci

Carel and Ria Lucci are a hot couple, making love since 2017. They know how to keep the drive. Definitely experts in keeping the highest temperature in their relationship. Carel and Ria are a Caribbean, real-life couple from Venezuela. They great performers together, and also individually. The two know how to seduce each other day and night.

At first sight, Ria seems like a good girl; she has a beautiful smile, a smooth round face, big open eyes looking attentively- but in bed she is really seductive. She uses all the charms and  her body to reach intense and passionate moments. She is also very flexible, because she does erotic gymnastics with Carel, practices pole dancing, acrobatics, and yoga. Ria is not only a “workout buddy,” she wears oversized hoodies, and lives freely.  She is interested in anime and videogames, movies, plants, food, cats, music, 420, tres leches, beach, E-shopping and of course big dicks. Carel is a perfect match then! An ink boy, dominant and passionate for Ria. He is not only into producing erotic content but he also makes music. They are great together, they switch the lead, finding out their deepest sensitive points. With their professional, cinematic videos, they create a great alternative to commercial porn. Lucci Production polished telling a story and placing most exciting sex in an ordinary-life-inspired narration.

Films from Carel and Ria Lucci

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Wanna get a taste of CHEEX?

Wanna get a taste of CHEEX?