A Sex Educational Web Series. Sexschool was created by many interdisciplinary specialist and working in the topics of sex, body, self awareness, qualified scientifically but also know the practice. They are Sex workers, therapists, coaches share their knowledge in an unconventional way,  promise “no condoms on bananas”, but purely direct Erotic.

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But not only. More importantly they address the topics of self discovery, body positivity, fetishes, BDSM, and realizing fantasies in a safe way. The mission of the diverse professionals is to challenge stereotypes and stigma around sexuality, providing complex information in a simple way. Not forgetting to keep you inspired in your own sex life! In Sexschool every and anyone can ask a question, as there are no wrong questions, but they always receive the right answers! The school team: Lina Bembe, Bishop Black, Sadie Lune and Parker Marx, in every episode hosts a specialist. They begin with joyful, yet to the point talk. You can learn how to challenge yourself, how to enrich your intimacy, how to work on broadly understood communication and balance in emotional life as an individual or in relationships. As every lesson, it is a process that requires curiosity and patience to implement in your real life context. From now on you can find it out for yourself.

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